Wi-fi connectivity wherever you need it



Aiir is the all-inclusive business internet solution from NVT Group business Aiir Networks.  With Aiir, you pay a pre-agreed fixed price per month and we provide everything else as a service, including all of the hardware your business needs to get online, as well as proactive monitoring and support to make sure your business stays online.

No hidden costs

With an Aiir solution from Aiir Networks, the only cost you’ll be expected to pay is the monthly fee we agree at the commencement of your contract.  That means your budget stays easy to plan with no nasty surprises along the way.  It also means:

  • No additional hardware costs
  • No installation costs
  • No maintenance costs

Proactive monitoring and full support

Whilst your business is running on Aiir, NVT Group will be proactively monitoring the health of your wi-fi network with early alerts set up to ensure that any required support is deployed swiftly and effectively.  And you can rest assured that any maintenance or new hardware is covered in your monthly fee.



At NVT Group, our technical experts have mastered how to make Aiir technology truly portable. That means you can now have reliable, high speed internet connectivity absolutely anywhere – even in the most unlikely places. Aiir can also be provided as a temporary solution, so you only pay for the service for as long as you need it.



Aiir is the perfect solution for businesses which are looking to provide wi-fi connectivity to customers.  For a pre-agreed fixed price per month, we will ensure people can connect to a reliable wi-fi signal on your premises. We’ll also provide mechanisms which capture usage information so you can provide better services.



Aiir technology is currently assisting ground breaking research into wind energy by providing the connectivity that allows research data to be collected at the source and communicated to research teams. Aiir facilitates a multitude of Internet of Things applications, even if your “things” happen to be in the most inaccessible places.


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