Providing support in three key areas

With over 35 years of experience in providing managed IT services, we’ve found that we can ease IT problems in three main areas.

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These are problems caused by IT systems, which affect user productivity and overall service quality.

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These are problems caused by uncertainty surrounding security defences and/or an organisation's ability to deny cyber-attacks.

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Problems caused by a lack of clarity surrounding future IT plans, leading to poor IT decisions and budget overspend.

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Our IT Services

Talk to us about these IT Services which can help your business operate more efficiently and securely.

Why choose NVT Group?

There are many reasons to choose NVT Group as your trusted IT partner.

If you’re looking for experience, bear in mind our 30+ years history, providing managed IT services to a diverse client base throughout the UK.

If you’re looking for innovation, talk to us about the cutting-edge solutions we deliver in conjunction with our technology partners, as well as the exclusive technologies we implement as part of every managed services engagement.

If you’re looking for service quality, consider our approach to service delivery which puts user needs first.

If you’re looking for transparency, remember our completely vendor neutral approach, which means we recommend solutions based on need, not alliances.

If you’re looking for responsiveness, ask us about how we proactively monitor key systems and can deploy IT support automatically on your behalf.

Finally, if your organisation is in the public sector, take a look at the frameworks from which you can easily procure NVT Group services.

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35 years history
Innovative solutions
User first approach
Vendor neutrality
Services automation
Government frameworks

Our Companies

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