New FSC factsheet available

FSClogoYou may or may not have seen the FSC logo (left) in one place or another and either will or will not know more than ‘…something to do with recycling’ 

To educate everyone a little further i’ve plucked a factsheet from the FSC website and attached it below for your pleasure!


This particular FSC factsheet aims to educate the public sector on a few key points such as: Who the FSC actually are, what products are available and why this is important


So has anyone been able to identify where they’ve seen this logo? and if so which product(s) did you see it on?


If you want to know more about the FSC just click HERE be redirected to the FSC website.


OR.. if you’d like to keep up to date with NVTGroups Green Initiatives click HERE

Stuart Matthews, Web Dev, fatBuzz