What is your 2020 vision for IT?

So, what do you want your business to achieve in the 2020s?

Now that we are in 2020, it’s likely that you have started the year by taking a strategic look at your business goals for the next ten years.

Naturally, you will be looking to give your business a bit of tune up, by tackling any of the issues that have held you back from achieving even greater successes in the past decade and by making decisions that will help your business grow and prosper in the years to come.

As part of this review, we would ask you to consider this… how can the power of technology help you to achieve these goals more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively?

What are your IT goals in 2020 and beyond?

Chances are you have an IT wish list for this new year.

Perhaps you are looking to transform your IT infrastructure and take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer your business.

Perhaps you are looking to make your business more secure by putting in place robust defence measures that will best protect it from cybercrime.

Perhaps you are looking to pass the responsibility for the day-to-day operations of your IT function to an expert services provider, so that you can focus on your own area of expertise.

Perhaps there is another technology project that you’ve long been needing to make a start on, but don’t have the necessary know-how in house to manage it effectively?

If any of this strikes a chord with you, we would hope you would consider NVT Group as a worthy partner in your technology journey throughout 2020 and beyond.

‘Technology as a Service’ from NVT Group

NVT Group is a services business. It always has been and always will be.

Certainly, in recent years we have used our technical know-how to develop and introduce a suite of unique technology brands and products, such as Viia, Aiir & Concepta). Indeed, these products are still available to you exclusively from NVT Group.

However, apart from the unique benefits those products offer, what sets them apart in the marketplace is the quality of the NVT Group services we wrap around them.

It’s that extra attention to detail we apply, wherever it is required.

It’s going the extra mile to accommodate your requirements, whenever you need us to.

It’s our ‘user first’ approach to delivering high quality IT services, which means we get things done in ways which consider your needs first and foremost, with all other factors secondary.

It’s our enthusiasm to use out of the box thinking to help overcome unique problems, so that we bring about positive change in your business.

It’s everything else we do, to support your business goals.

That is why we don’t say we’re “in the technology business” at NVT Group. In fact, we are in the ‘Technology as a Service’ business.

Specifically, we split our ‘Technology as a Service’ offering into three key areas… Infrastructure, Operations and Security.

Infrastructure as a Service

Our Infrastructure as a Service offering includes:

  • Cloud Services – either hosted, on-premise and public. As well as orchestration of your workloads across a multi-cloud environment.
  • Storage Services – including object storage and enterprise file services.
  • Backup & Availability Services – including enterprise backup & recovery, endpoint backup & recovery and replication & failover solutions.
  • Networking Services – including our Aiir managed Wi-Fi services as well as managed WAN and LAN services.

Operations as a Service

Our Operations as a Service offering includes all of our day to day managed IT support services, such us:

  • Service Management – including our ITIL service desk support, 3rd party management, change management and problem management, with further support from a dedicated service delivery manager, our self-service customer portals, custom dashboards and customised reporting.
  • Monitoring & Management Services – including monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure, your applications, your endpoints and your data.
  • Technical Services – including our remote and on-site IT support, device provisioning, as well as endpoint and infrastructure maintenance.

Security as a Service

Our Security as a Service offering includes:

  • Infrastructure Protection & Defence – including managed firewalls, secure DNS, managed network access control, geographic firewalling & more.
  • Endpoint Protection & Defence – Mobile Device Management, Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Logging, Scanning & Inspection – including authentication logging, security event logging, vulnerability scanning and endpoint posture analysis.
  • Monitoring, Analysis & Response – including network traffic monitoring, firewall monitoring, anomaly detection and response automation with custom dashboards.

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