A breath of fresh air for Scottish Businesses

Our VIOTU business can work with you to help access the Business Ventilation Fund – the new Scottish Government fund to help improve ventilation in workplaces.

The fund is open to a wide range of businesses including pubs, clubs & restaurants, hairdressers & beauty salons as well as premises such as offices, pharmacies, gyms & yoga studios, as well as other close contact services.

The grant covers up to £2,500 per location (up to £50,000 for multiple locations) for the installation and monitoring of CO2 sensors, improvements to natural ventilation and other enhancements to improve natural air flow in the premises and help stop the spread of coronavirus in indoor settings.

VIOTU will guide eligible businesses through the application process and manage installation.

Applications close on 31st March 2022, or sooner if funds are exhausted so you should ACT NOW for the best chance to secure the funding.

Find out more

Click here to download our PDF which contains more information on the Business Ventilation Fund, the eligibility criteria and how much businesses can claim for the improvements that they make.

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You can send an e-mail to businessventfund@viotu.com