Get an instantaneous, customised, contextual view of the health of your entire infrastructure, enabling you to manage its performance proactively.

Concepta, which has been created by and is available exclusively from NVT Group, is a visual interface that is able to aggregate health information from monitored systems and present the status of each location/site using a Red/Amber/Green traffic light system.

Concepta can show, in real time, the technology health status of all client locations in a single view that is easily understood by your support teams. Additionally, Concepta can integrate contextual information such as production schedules, traffic information or even shift rotas into the views, to enhance decision making and responses to incidents.

Concepta has been deployed in production at some of the most technologically complex and environmentally challenging events, including the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games (where the solution was first developed), the Baku 2015 European Games and the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

Concepta is for more than just sport.

Concepta has applications across all key business verticals, especially those businesses with multiple offices, where it would be beneficial for the technology support teams to obtain a single view of all locations on the network and obtain real-time health information of the technology in each location, in an easy to assimilate format.

Concepta is tailored exactly to your needs.

Our team will be able to create a Concepta solution which is unique to your organisation. Not only will the solution analyse all the systems that are being monitored in your organisation, we will make sure the interface itself matches your company branding and aesthetics. All of this will ensure that your Concepta solution feels completely intuitive and user friendly.

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