Our study of cyber vulnerabilities in key business sectors discovers important shortcomings

Today more than ever, cyber security stands as a cornerstone of business resilience and is crucial for safeguarding senstitive data, maitaining operational continuity and preserving reputations.

As digital transformation accelerates, so too do the threats posed by cyber criminals, who exploit vulnerabilities in systems and human behaviour, through sophisticated attacks like ransomware and phishing.

Over a matter of months, NVT Group carried out more than 40 security evaluations for a diverse group of businesses. In June 2024, we carried out a summary review of these evaluations in an attempt to discover common themes, trends and patterns across several industry sectors.

Findings prove the importance of actively testing for cyber vulnerabilities

The findings underscore a critical need or businesses to strengthen their cyber security postures. For example, the majority fell below industry benchmarks and faced substantial potential losses. The review also showed that thousands of credentials were already available on the dark web.

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You may have seen the Executive Summary online recently, however the full report is available to download here, simply by completing the reply form. By downloading the PDF, you will see the full set of summary results for important measures such as cyber posture ratings, possible financial losses, dark web findings, publicly exposed vulnerable assets, top risk categories and the most common vulnerabilities discovered.

Right now we can offer you an objective review of the effectiveness of your security posture by performing an external security scan of your network. The cyber security assessment tool we use is the same as that described in this reseaerch.

This is a complimentary service, which will provide valuable benchmarking information on how your business is placed when it comes to protecting itself from cyber threats. We provide a full report for you to action as you like.

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