October is Cyber Security Month

What is Cyber Security Month 2019?

Cyber Security Month is an awareness campaign that promotes cyber security worldwide and helps to raise awareness through education, the sharing of good practices and the introduction of new technology.

To remind yourself about the aims of our Cyber Security Month campaign, please click here.

Week 4: Where is your business most vulnerable? And what can be done?

This week, we are urging businesses to talk to us about their cyber security concerns and arrange a review with us so that we can advise on the best ways to combat the threats of cyber crime. You can look for our advertisements in The Herald every day this week, as well as our posts across all of our social media channels.




Are you phighting back against phishing? – There are things we can do to reduce your susceptibility to phishing and spear-phishing cyber attacks.

Be more aware of malware – One of the most effective ways to combat malware attacks is improving your knowledge of the threats. We can provide advice and training to make sure your people become aware of the risks.

Let’s make passwords less crackable – One of the easiest ways for cyber criminals to gain access to your network is by cracking weak passwords. Our Blue Rock services help uncover these hidden password weaknesses using ethical hacking techniques, so that you can strengthen them proactively.

Mistrust Thy Neighbour? – Cyber criminals can succeed in gaining access to computer networks if they’re good at making themselves look like someone to trust. We can train your people to be more aware of this type of threat, whilst our Concepta Security Services can better protect your businesses from malicious activity.

Do you know who is logging in, or is it YOU KNOW WHO? – Cyber criminals often have free rein on computer networks because their presence stays undetected. Our Concepta Security Services can take accurate logs of who is accessing your network and can help to detect breaches swiftly.

Let’s make life difficult for cyber criminals – Lots can be done to make your business an unattractive target. Let’s help you stay one step ahead of cyber crime.

Arrange a cyber security review with NVT Group

Talk to us to arrange a meeting to discuss your cyber security concerns. We can recommend solutions which will best protect your business from cyber crime. To get in touch, please complete the form below or give us a call on 01698 749 000.