We’ve completed our Firewalk Challenge!


Thursday 1st December 2016

Stephen Park Brown, along with everyone at NVT Group, is delighted to report that we successfully completed our ‘Blaze Firewalk Challenge’ last night – with thousands of pounds raised for charity (the exact amount is still being tallied) and our brave firewalkers completing the challenge with zero injuries.

The firewalk, which took place at our HQ in Bellshill, was in support of ENABLE Scotland, our nominated Charity of the Year.  We are still tallying up how much has been raised but we will announce the final figure as soon as possible.  We will also share some photographs from the evening here and in our gallery.

Stephen Park Brown said:

“I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who was involved in our Firewalk challenge last night.  That includes everyone at ENABLE Scotland who helped us to organise this spectacular team building event, as well as the charity committee at NVT who were so enthusiastic about the walk and were great champions for the cause.  Thanks also to everyone who came along on the night to watch our firewalkers and cheer them on from the sidelines – your encouragement really helped us.  An especially big thank you to colleagues and friends who did the firewalking and who helped us to raise an enormous amount of money for charity.  Last, but not least, thank you to everyone who so kindly supported us by donating whatever they could to our Firewalk appeal.  You have helped this very worthy charity in its work to bring equality to people with learning disabilities in Scotland.  Thank you everyone and well done!”

Come back soon to find out how much we have raised and to see some pictures from the evening.

You can still donate to our firewalk appeal and help support ENABLE Scotland at www.justgiving.com/nvt-loves-enable.