Introducing our Smart Energy Platform for Internet of Things

Omniflow OMNILED is an integrated smart energy platform for IoT applications, powered by wind & solar with battery storage. With OMNILED, multiple applications can be deployed from a single smart pole infrastructure.

OMNILED turns renewable energy into autonomous IoT services. The unique design of the OMNILED unit blends advanced aerodynamics with a simple geometry, allowing continuous operation even in urban scenarios. PV cells cover the top surface of the design-patented shroud, while its distinctive geometry, based on an inverted wing shaped airfoil, directs the free wind stream from any direction to a diffuser, hence promoting a speed up effect into a central wind turbine.

Sourced energy is stored in a shroud-enclosed battery bank that serves as a platform for a number of additional services. All functionalities are remotely accessible via the web based monitoring and control platform.


What IoT applications are possible with Omniflow OMNILED?

  • Smart Lighting
  • Public Wi-fi Hotspot
  • Telecoms Services
  • Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Smart Parking
  • Location Analytics (i.e. traffic, pedestrian counts, for operational and marketing metrics)
  • Digital advertising displays
  • Emergency Broadcast Systems
  • & more…

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Omniflow Vision

OMNILED – Fully autonomous lighting smart system

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