We’re looking back on seven years of ears!

A nostalgic look back over seven years of daily print advertisements in The Herald newspaper.

Back in 2012, NVT Group agreed to a six month tenancy of a new ad space in The Herald newspaper’s Business section. That daily spot became known (to us at least) as the NVT Group “Earpiece”.

Seven years later, as we approach the end of this decade, we’ve been taking a nostalgic look back at the spot, by running some “earpiece greatest hits” in The Herald and across our social media channels.

The graphic you see above shows our very first earpiece ads, back in 2012. Since then we’ve placed more than 2,400 ads in the Herald and some of the milestones we have featured in the ads include:

It’s the end of an ear-a

On December 31st 2019, we will publish our final earpiece advertisement in The Herald, which means that on January 1st 2020 there will be a new tenant in the space. We, of course, wish them every success with it.

So why are the NVT Group earpieces coming to an end?

Quite simply, after more than 2,400 earpieces, we feel that we have achieved all that we can with the spot and that the time is right to let someone else take ownership of the space.

Our relationship with The Herald will continue as we go forward into 2020 and you will likely see us try new things together as we review our marketing approach and plan our activity in a different way to recent years. This could include some online activity with The Herald, so keep an eye out for these during 2020.

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View our NVT Group Earpiece Gallery

We’ve gathered the best of the earpiece ads from the past, which now appear in their own gallery, so take a look and take a trip back in time with us!