Let’s work together in the third sector

Innovative solutions working together to bring the third sector valuable benefits

Over thirty years, NVT Group has built a solid reputation as a first-class provider of ICT services and solutions to the public, private and third sectors in Scotland. Today, we still operate from our Scottish HQ, where we provide an innovative suite of technology solutions, all of which provide benefits to organisations in the third sector. Our clients include Partners for Inclusion Group, ENABLE Scotland, Scottish Opera and St Columba’s Hospice.

Read on to find out about Viia, our cloud services platform, which has been created especially for the third sector. You can also find out about our Aiir connectivity services, our exclusive Concepta network monitoring technology and our bespoke cyber defence services from Blue Rock.


Let’s work together on infrastructure

Viia has been designed by NVT Group technologists as a reliable, secure, affordable and scalable cloud services platform. It provides you with the means to migrate to a cloud based ICT infrastructure without having to endure the challenges that are typically associated with it.

Viia provides everything you expect from cloud

Viia is similar to other cloud offerings, in that it provides all the benefits of cloud computing, including:

  • Better control of your costs by ensuring that you only pay for the IT resources you actually use
  • Future proofing your organisation with automatic system and software updates
  • Keeping your organisation more secure with an improved disaster recovery strategy

Viia also provides benefits you don’t normally expect from cloud

Viia’s architecture model can make adoption costs more affordable than traditional cloud offerings. Further savings can be achieved when third sector organisations elect to share resources in the data centre.

The Viia platform is so flexible that it enables you to take appropriate steps to the cloud, at a pace which suits your organisation’s needs first and foremost, i.e. no more “do everything or nothing” scenarios. With Viia, you are in complete control.

To assist with GDPR compliance, Viia servers are based only in the UK, which means that your data is guaranteed to never leave the United Kingdom.

Viia also comes with full support from NVT Group, so you can be assured that your journey to the cloud – as well as your experience in the cloud – will be as trouble-free as possible.


Let’s work together on Connectivity

Aiir is the all-inclusive business connectivity solution from NVT Group.

With Aiir, you pay a pre-agreed fixed price per month and we provide everything you need to get connected, including all the necessary hardware and software. We then provide proactive monitoring to make sure your organisation stays connected. Crucially, we can provide this connectivity anywhere – even in rural, remote and hard to reach locations.

Aiir is also the perfect solution for organisations that are looking to provide wireless connectivity to their clients and guests. For a pre-agreed price per month, we will ensure that people can connect to a reliable, high speed, wi-fi signal on your premises.

The prospect of superfast broadband, regardless of your location, is finally here! If you would like to find out more about getting connected, call us on 01698 749000.


Let’s work together on Network Monitoring & Reporting

Concepta is an interface which reviews and collects health information from monitored IT systems and presents the status of each system using a heads-up Red-Amber-Green traffic light display.

Concepta monitors three key measurables which can negatively affect your operations. These are: Security, Capacity and Performance. The instant that Concepta detects a problem in any of these key areas, it alerts you to the exact specifics of the issue in its exact location.

Concepta can integrate contextual information such as production schedules, traffic information, shift rotas and more into the display, to enhance decision making and to help prioritise actions.

Concepta delivers real-time, contextual and highly visual data and analytics, which allows you to make better decisions, more quickly and more often. This helps you to improve the service you provide, reduce your risk and save money.

With Concepta you no longer have to guess the health of your network – you just know.

Concepta is available to you exclusively from NVT Group. Get in touch with us to see examples of Concepta in use at some of the most complex and challenging technology environments and to find out more about how it can benefit you in your organisation.


Let’s work together on Cyber Defence

We understand that most third sector organisations hold and process sensitive data, so it is especially critical that the optimum level of protection is assured. Most cyber security breaches originate inside organisations, often accidentally. Good practice, governance and ongoing assessment is therefore essential.

Concepta Security Services is a suite of cyber security solutions which, when applied synchronously, provide you with peace of mind about your IT network’s security status. Concepta Security Services monitors key systems and provides real time actionable alerts.

Concepta Security Services is available at three levels of protection, i.e. Essentials, Advanced & Complete. Contact us to find out which is most appropriate for your organisation.

It’s time to get serious about P4$$w0rds!

We believe that a strong password policy is the foundation of strong cyber defence. Our Blue Rock solutions aim to make life as difficult as possible for hackers and other cyber criminals, by ensuring your passwords are more difficult to crack. This, in turn, makes your organisation less susceptible to attacks and reduces your risk of experiencing a data breach.

Our approach uses cyber awareness training to transfer the relevant skills and knowledge to your people, which enables them to become more proactive and diligent with their password security habits. Then, with your permission, we use ethical hacking techniques to uncover hidden weaknesses in your organisation’s password security.

We also undertake vulnerability testing, which allows you to prioritise what is most important in your particular environment, so that you can reduce your risk in an informed way.

Finally, regular auditing ensures that people don’t slip back into the bad habits which can put your business at risk.

Talk to us to discover how your organisation can stay one step ahead of cyber crime.