What is Cyber Security Month 2019?

Cyber Security Month is an awareness campaign that promotes cyber security worldwide and helps to raise awareness through education, the sharing of good practices and the introduction of new technology.

In today’s digital age it is more important than ever to keep personal and business data secure. With new agile hacking methods being developed constantly, we all need to become more cyber aware to keep data out of the hands of malicious hackers and other online crooks. Therefore, as part Cyber Security Month, we will be providing insightful blogs, cyber security tips and news reports, all of which will help you to stay one step ahead of these cyber criminals.

What topics will we be focusing on during Cyber Security Month?

The threat of cybercrime

Cybercrime is an ever growing threat that affects everyone. We will be promoting the awareness of the various types of cybercrime and how you can avoid becoming a victim of them.

Simple tips for online safety

We will share information that will help you better defend yourself against cyber threats while you are online.

Educating your employees

Anyone in your organisation can become a victim of cybercrime. Therefore, we will be promoting the importance of educating your people through cyber awareness training (a service which is provided by our team at Blue Rock) and sharing best practice.

Emerging technologies

It is crucial to keep up to date with the latest technologies to help combat cybercrime.  We will update you on the latest cyber security innovations which are emerging in the market.

Working together

We will be discussing our cyber security offerings, including Concepta Security Services and Blue Rock Cyber Defence and how they could vastly improve your organisation’s cyber security.

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