Home working at NVT Group – Kevin Guegan, Software Developer

This week, we’re catching up with Software Developer, Kevin Guegan, to find out how he has adapted to working at home.

Can you give a description of what your role entails?

As Software Developer, my role is to deliver scalable & high quality digital solutions for our clients. From strategy to deployment, we design and implement using the latest technologies to meet the customers’ requirements.

What does your working day look like now you’re working from home?

First, there has been a big change in my commute. I used to drive around 45 minutes to get to the NVT premises, when it takes me now 4.5 seconds to get to my desk. We have daily meetings to make sure we stay connected and work as a team. We stay in touch either in groups or one on one depending on the need.

Apart from this new distance, my daily job has stayed pretty much the same. We developers have the chance to be able to work from anywhere, as long as we have a laptop and an internet connection.

What has been the biggest changes or challenges in your role?

Even though we have access to tools like Teams to communicate with other team members, there is nothing better than a whiteboard and a pen to draw a problem to be solved as a team. Interaction with teammates is always important, no matter what role you have.

How have you adapted to the overall change?

I used to be a contractor and work a lot from home, so this isn’t new for me. I already have a desk in my office, I’ve been able to take home a couple of screens which is very useful for coding. We use Teams all day to stay connected and use screen sharing to help each other, so we are still able to do everything we used to, just in a different way. The only thing I couldn’t replace is the social interaction at my coffee break, even though Bailey (my cat) is always up for playing for a few minutes.

Working remotely, how do you stay productive and connected with your team?

Every morning we have a video call with the dev team to discuss our daily tasks, which has helped us stay focused and motivated. It also forces us to get dressed and not stay in our pyjamas all day!

There is also a company call every other day around lunch time, which is always a good break with other colleagues and usually involves a fun quiz.

To stay productive, my thing is to listen to music. I spend my days with my headphones on, just going from one playlist to another. Music has always helped me focus on coding and raise my productivity. But you can’t stay all day in front of your screen, even with music. I have either coffee breaks, or maybe a quick walk at lunch time to get some fresh air and to recharge my batteries.

Do you have any tips for home working?

My first advice would be to make sure you have a work space, with everything you need. You need to be able to disconnect from your home when you get to your working space. In your own place, you can easily get distracted, even more in shared rooms, so get to a more isolated environment, like an office if you have, or a guest room.

I would also suggest having regulars breaks, exercise and get fresh air when possible.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

The thing I look forward to the most is going back to my sports, I particularly miss playing Wednesday night football with my colleagues. I also look forward to going back to France and seeing my family and friends, some of whom had to cancel their weddings due to Covid.