Supporting Mark Bradshaw in the Run 100, in aid of Maggie’s.



We’re delighted to offer support to our friend Mark Bradshaw, Senior Technology Specialist at Wood Mackenzie, who is taking part in the ‘Run 100’ ultra marathon, in aid of Maggie’s Centres.


‘Run 100’ is an awe-inspiring five day run from coast to coast through the epic scenery of Scotland, raising funds for Maggie’s.


The Run 100 Team Leader, Fraser Smart, Group President of Xerox’s Consulting & Analytics Group, will lead Mark and just five other team mates on this extraordinary one hundred mile journey.


To join the team, Mark had to show he was able to run a half marathon in 2.5 hours or less and run on consecutive days. The team’s target is to raise £20,000 for Maggie’s. You can help them reach the target by donating here:


Mark says:


“After a brief (20-year) absence from any form of exercise I woke up in 2011 and found myself overweight, depressed and hopelessly unfit. I’ve no recollection of what made me think of trying, but on that fateful day I found an old pair of trainers and headed outside to try to run a mile.


That first run brought me to a standstill after 100 metres, unable to breath and ready to throw-up. It showed me how far I’d sunk and gave me a challenge to try to change myself. Fast forward to now and I am running marathons regularly and enjoy the peace and freedom it brings me. I’m taking part in Run 100 on behalf of my friends at NVT Group, a strong supporter of Maggie’s.


My training has gone very well through the winter weather, and I’m really enjoying as the weather gets warmer. I’ve had a slight set-back a month ago when I ended up with two swollen ankles and bruised shins from running too much, but I’m back and fighting fit now and ready for the challenge.”


You can follow the team’s progress on the Run 100 blog:


You can also follow the team on Twitter: @maggiesrun100


Good luck Mark and the rest of the team. Everyone at NVT is rooting for you!