Systems Monitoring

To deliver IT support most efficiently and effectively, the key is to be proactive.

At NVT Group, we take proactive to the next level. In fact, we are the only Managed IT Services Provider to use powerful Concepta technology to actively monitor your IT systems in real-time.

This gives our teams valuable insight into your IT systems’ wellness status, with active alerts if any issues are discovered. As soon as a problem is uncovered we know its severity, its likely cause and its likely solution.

It means we don’t spend time guessing whether there are any issues we need to be concerned about, we KNOW if there are any.

Take a look at the benefits below, then find out more about the NVT Group Service Desk.

A summary of the benefits:

Exclusive Concepta Technology

We are the only MSP in the UK to use Concepta technology as an integral part of its managed IT service offering.

Infrastructure Monitoring

As standard, as part of any Managed IT Services engagement, we use Concepta to monitor server logs, networking devices (e.g. firewall & switches) and alert us to common problems (e.g. failed passwords).

Data Protection Monitoring & Management

As standard, as part of any Managed IT Services engagement, we use Concepta to monitor and help us manage your backup, archive and replication operations.

Swift Solutions

If Concepta finds an issue anywhere, it automatically sends a notification to our Service Desk team, thereby tasking them with investigating the issue and completing a fix where it is needed.

All of this saves time to reach a diagnosis and helps make sure that issues are corrected swiftly.

It needn't stop there

The scope of Concepta can be made much wider. As an enhanced service, Concepta can monitor and report on a multitude of infrastructure and security variables.

Talk to us to find out more, or take a look at our Infrastructure Wellness page.