NVT Group re-opens the doors of Earn House HQ

Our Earn House HQ has re-opened to staff and visitors.

Here’s what we are doing to help keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

We are delighted to announce that, for the first time since March 2020, we have re-opened our doors to both staff and visitors.

For the foreseeable future – and so long as government health and safety guidelines permit it – we will be adhering to a hybrid working approach, whereby 50% of our team will work from the office and the remainder of people will work from home.

As we do so, our overall objective is to keep our employees, as well as any visitors to the premises as safe as possible.

We can confirm that a full health & safety assessment of our Earn House HQ has been carried out and that we have developed a set of safeguards that will best protect the health and safety of everyone.

A summary of the measures is provided below.

  • We will implement a ‘Location Rotation’ system, whereby the 50% of people working from the office will switch with the 50% working from home, on a weekly basis.
  • All people will be directed to an internal hand washing station on arrival and regular hand washing throughout the working day will be encouraged.
  • Additional hand washing and hand sanitisation facilities will be added in key locations.
  • We will implement a new one way system to help co-ordinate how people navigate the workplace.
  • We will adhere to physical distancing throughout our office environment, including in all communal areas.
  • We will implement and adhere to a stringent clear desk and clear office policy, as well as an enhanced cleaning regimen.

What to expect when you visit us

Some of the health and safety measures we have introduced will mean that your experience while visiting us will be slightly different to what you may be used to. To best explain this, we have produced an infographic which shows you what your experience will be like and we hope you agree that the safeguards we have put in place are primarily for your safety and comfort.

We very much look forward to welcoming you “home” to Earn House!