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Aiir is connecting everyone to everything, everywhere

Aiir is in your office

Aiir provides high speed internet connectivity services across your business premises.
Now you can pay a pre-agreed fixed price per month and we provide everything as a service, including all the hardware your business needs to get connected, as well as any support you need to make sure your business stays connected.
All contracts come with a “no additional hardware, installation and support costs” guarantee.

Aiir is where you least expect it

Through our Aiir Networks business, we can also deliver reliable, high speed internet connectivity outside a typical office environment.
You can use Aiir Networks to engage with people in public spaces or to provide the connectivity infrastructure which facilitates Internet of Things applications – even in the most unlikely locations.
Furthermore, Aiir Networks connectivity can be provided as a temporary solution, so you only pay for the service for as long as you need it.

Aiir is everywhere you need it to be

Maybe you are a business looking for a no-hassle internet connectivity solution.
Or else you are an event organiser and wish to provide wifi connections to your guests.
Perhaps you manage a leisure or shopping park and are looking for a means to communicate directly to shoppers through their mobile devices.
Whomever you are and whatever it is you need a connection for, talk to us.

Aiir features







Here is a summary of Aiir’s benefits:

  • A fixed price and a no additional costs guarantee for Aiir business managed service business contracts.
  • Aiir connections are monitored proactively by NVT Group, which means that any support is deployed swiftly.
  • Aiir Networks can provide services in traditionally hard to reach locations, releasing you from the constraints of slow (or no) internet connection.
  • Aiir Networks provides the connectivity infrastructure that make Internet of Things applications work, even in rural areas.
  • Become more connected to your customers, employees and stakeholders with mechanisms to communicate with them in more engaging ways.
  • Use Aiir Networks wi-fi connections to push tailored messages, promotional offers and other important information to citizens/customers/guests to enhance their overall experience.


Overview of the Aiir Solution



Arrange an appointment to talk about Aiir

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