Multiple clouds, multiple routes to get there, one IT partner

Migrating to a cloud hosted IT infrastructure brings with it a host of benefits, including increased flexibility and scalability, improved security and disaster recovery, plus better cost management, with a “pay as you go and scale as you grow” pricing model.

Whatever stage your business is at on its journey to the cloud, we can offer you various pathways to get there.

Then we become your guide along the entire route, using our expertise to fully manage the migration on your behalf.

Once you are in the cloud, we can continue supporting you for the duration of your residency, giving you complete peace of mind.

Which cloud is right for you?

Public Cloud

Pick whatever shared cloud platform suits you best

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, a public cloud solution may very well be your best option.

At NVT Group, we don’t align ourselves to a single public cloud provider.  Instead we take a completely vendor neutral approach, partnering with all the major providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform.

That means you can be sure that we recommend a solution which is best for your business needs.

Of course, we can provide full support – no matter which public cloud it is you reside in.

Private Cloud

Cloud that’s dedicated to you

We can offer you a reliable, secure, affordable and scalable bespoke private cloud platform.

Provides all the same benefits that you expect from of cloud computing.

As the name suggests, the cloud is private and you don’t share it with any other organisations, thus providing enhanced security.

The platform comes with both in-cloud and on-premise options.

Our data centres are based in the UK, so you can guarantee the sovereignty of your data at all times.

It’s all delivered as a fully managed service, with full support from NVT Group.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

The Best of All Worlds

No two clouds are exactly the same – especially when it comes to computing.

A hybrid or multi-cloud strategy is the best way for you to maximise the benefits of different cloud offerings while reducing the risks associated with a single-vendor approach.

Our cloud orchestration device allows workloads to be moved to the most suitable servers, based on your needs for affordability, availability and security.

The solution integrates easily with your on-premise technologies, as well as any cloud-hosted solutions you have adopted already – so there is no need to compromise.

Delivered with full support from NVT Group.

A summary of the benefits

Maximum Choice for Public Cloud

We partner with all the major public cloud service providers, so you have freedom to opt for the solution that works best for you.

We manage the transition on your behalf and we make sure the processes is as hassle-free as possible.

Pay As You Go

Achieve the cost benefits as you would expect from cloud, including moving to an OpEx finance model where you ‘Pay As You Go’ on a monthly schedule.

With a move to a virtualised infrastructure, there are also no more costly server room hardware refreshes required!

Scale As You Grow

Add extra compute, networking and storage, only when you need to.

Scale down as well as up, so you never end up paying for resources you don’t need.

Hyper Flexibility

Our multi-cloud offering integrates with all major public clouds, as well as your on-premise hypervisor technologies.

We offer you the right combination of on-premise and in-cloud, plus we adapt as your needs dictate.

First-class Support

All NVT Group cloud services include full support from the NVT Group Service Desk as standard.

No matter how you choose to configure your cloud, we are here to guide you every step of the way and to support you for the duration of your residency.

Greener Technology

Get carbon reduction benefits with a switch to the cloud.

Without the hardware in your server room, you don’t need to consume power to operate it and cool it. Consequently, it reduces your energy bills and it’s less harmful to the environment

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