Now diagnosing the health of your ICT infrastructure is easy as R.A.G.

We are proud to present Concepta technology, a powerful IT infrastructure monitoring and reporting solution that provides you with an instantaneous, customised, contextual view of the health of your whole IT environment.

Concepta aggregates health information from monitored IT systems in multiple locations and then presents the status of each using Red, Amber and Green coloured iconography, all contained within a visual display which is customised to your unique specifications.

You will use Concepta to gain insight into your infrastructure’s wellness status in real-time, so that you can deploy technical support quickly and accurately.

Concepta has already been deployed in some of the most complex technology environments in the world, including five exceptional sporting events. We also use Concepta to monitor key infrastructure and automate Service Desk support as part of our Managed IT Support Services offering.

Now Concepta is available to you, regardless of whether yours is a single or multi-site business, with a myriad of monitoring and reporting possibilities.

Here is how it works

Powerful analytics in the back

Concepta analyses the data which is generated by system monitoring solutions and provides alerts based on three key measurables, all of which can negatively affect your business operations. These are: Security, Capacity and Performance.

The instant that Concepta detects a problem in any of these areas, it alerts you to the exact specifics of the issue in its exact location so that you can take appropriate action.

Context is everything

Effective wellness reporting is achieved by fully understanding context. That’s why Concepta considers the relationships between identity (who), device (what), location (where), time (when) and activity/behaviour (why) in any given circumstance.

Concepta can integrate additional information such as production schedules, traffic information, shift rotas and more into the analytics, to make alerts more meaningful and to help you prioritise actions effectively.

Customised display at the front

We create a solution that is the perfect fit for your organisation. It includes all monitored systems and locations across your environment and will adhere to contextual variables which are unique to your circumstances.

Concepta’s front-end display matches your corporate branding, which ensures that the interface is not only effective, but also feels completely intuitive and user-friendly.

An overview of the solution

Data aggregration

Concepta collects data from all of your monitored systems and locations.

It gathers logs and other metrics from diverse data sets and sends them to the Concepta on-site appliance for analysis.

Contextual analysis

Concepta performs complex analysis at the moment of data ingest and considers any relevant contextual variables. In other words, Concepta learns what are normal and abnormal behaviours and then acts accordingly.

Real-time alerting

Time is of the essence and that is why Concepta provides health status information in real-time.

If all is well, Concepta tells you so. The moment that Concepta discovers a problem, it tells you so.

Easy to understand visual display

Even though complex data analysis is happening behind the scenes, at the front-end it’s completely user friendly.

Green icons mean ‘Service is healthy’, Amber icons mean ‘Service is at risk’ and Red icons mean ‘Service is impacted’.

Customisation, exclusive to you

Each Concepta screen is unique.

We agree with you the information it needs to convey, then we use your corporate branding to create a truly customised display.

Insightful fix information

Concepta doesn’t just tell you there is a problem and leaves you to work out where it is.

With a click, you are presented with detailed information about the problem in its exact location, so that you can deploy support effectively.

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