We improve IT user experiences every day.  Why not let us improve yours?

We all know what a great enabler technology is, at least until it stops working properly.

But there’s no need to get so upset about it.

Our managed IT support services are designed to be flexible to fit your needs. If you don’t have an in-house IT resource already, we can become your go-to provider and take on full responsibility for the smooth running of your IT systems.

If you have an existing in-house team but need some extra assistance, we aim to provide support that integrates with your internal services seamlessly. In a truly best of both worlds scenario, this allows you to retain specific resources and skills while you get access to additional support and expertise whenever you need it.

If you partner with a different IT services provider already but you are unhappy with their responsiveness, their effectiveness, or their overall approach, we’d be happy to prove to you why it’s worthwhile making the switch to NVT Group.

An overview of our support service

Service Desk

Our Service Desk is at the heart of our Managed IT Support service delivery.  It is your go-to place for your day-to-day IT support needs.

Users can ask for support by e-mail, telephone or via the ServiceNow web portal.

Their combined knowledge and expertise will help you get back to work quickly.

Technical Expertise

When you engage with NVT Group as your trused IT partner, you know your business is in very capable hands.

You’re tapping into 35+ years of experience provided to countless UK clients, across a wide variety of business sectors, from SMEs to world-class events.

We can look after your whole IT environment, from your physical and/or cloud infrastructure to your endpoints.

User-first approach

We tailor our IT support services to your organisational needs and at the forefront of that focus are your IT users.

Our overall aim is to make their day hassle-free, by supporting their IT.

In fact, this informs our entire support ethos, whereby all of our process are designed to provide the right kind of help, in the most convenient and effective way.

By doing so, we relieve IT user frustration, improve their performance and make sure they experience a positive overall user experience.

Flexible to your needs

We can provide as little or as much support as your business needs.

We are happy to work alongside you as your sole IT partner, or to integrate with your in-house team or already trusted suppliers.

Road Mapping

One of the key areas in which we assist our managed service clients is bringing certainty to their future direction when it comes to IT matters.

As your IT partner, we will work with you to map out your future IT journey.  With such a strategic long-term focus, we can help you plan and budget your IT expenditure in line with your growth plans.


Your go-to partner for IT matters

Although IT support is at the core of our service offering, we also provide more specialist expertise and support in areas such as cloud computing, cyber-security, data backups and internet connectivity services.

Follow the links below for more information on these.

Other IT Services

Talk to us about these IT Services which can help your business operate more efficiently and securely.