Introducing telephony services that simplify business communications

Hosted telephony from NVT Group

Our hosted telephony platform provides a robust and reliable voice solution to help improve how you communicate with your customers and collaborate with employees.

Hosted telephony has the power to transform the way companies communicate. Regardless of your company size or the physical location of your employees, you are able to deliver feature-rich business communications to every employee, from the cloud.

Through hosted telephony, businesses are easily able to react to change while maintaining best-in-class communications capability.

NVT Mobile Services

Are you looking to move away from complicated contracts and time-consuming payment systems? Talk to us about mobile services that put you in complete control.

NVT Mobile Services offers you access to all major mobile networks, delivered on one order, with one time saving contract and one bill. We operate directly on the major networks and we create mobile contracts which align with your individual business requirements.

Our flexible mobile contracts allow you to move across the three large networks, without penalty, to best suit your current and future business needs.

We also give you a level of flexibility not normally experienced in mobile business services and we offer you total ownership of your usage and data, which is something that even the major mobile operators can’t compete with.

It’s all about control

We put you firmly in the driving seat and you are completely in charge of your business mobile usage.

Our bill spend management tool keeps you informed of how you are using your data, plus our alert system helps you to see, monitor and place limits on your telecommunications spend. This insight also enables you to choose the most cost-effective tariffs on a monthly basis.

A summary of the benefits

Single Supplier for Hosted & Mobile

We provide both hosted and mobile telephony solutions so, for super convenience, we can manage both on your behalf.

Free yourself from the hassle of multiple suppliers and multiple bills forever!

Cost Savings

With hosted telephony there is no upfront capital investment required. Benefit from free calls between offices or employees working from home.

Save with significantly cheaper local, national and international call charges.

Increased Agility

Flex your usage up and down in response to demand. Scale rapidly without committing to long contracts.

Deploy satellite workers and transition seamlessly between different offices and locations.

Flexible mobile contracts

Change the mobile networks of individual devices but keep the same contract, the same end date and the same invoice.

You can also add new staff to your account mid-way through your contract without extending the end date.

Multiple Mobile Tariffs and Bolt-ons

We can recommend the best network, tariffs, bolt-ons and other features, based on your proposed usage – across the three large mobile networks, on the same deal, to suit your circumstances.

Easy to Understand Mobile Billing

Automated systems alerts help you to stay in control.

We provide accurate call data records, alerts and caps – in minutes (not hours or even days).

There is one easy-to-read monthly bill, no matter which network(s) you are on.

Other IT Services

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