VIOTU is the specialist Internet of Things (IoT) division of NVT Group.

As an NVT Group Company, VIOTU has the capacity to deliver IoT monitoring and reporting solutions on a large scale.

Each project can demand a specific solution and we therefore work with several partners to provide the best fit for each customer.

Our solutions include sensors and gateways using Cellular, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, LoRa and Wi-Fi sensors on any network – LoRaWAN, Sigfox and Cellular.

The VIOTU founding team have expertise in the delivery of IoT solutions both indoors and outdoors having managed the procurement and installation of 1100 monitors and supporting software platform and integration for a space utilisation / workplace environment quality monitoring system in the London headquarters of Deloitte.

Additionally, the specification and delivery of a Bluetooth beacon, city tourist trail for iPhone and Android users.

Our work is supported by a team of engineers and the NVT Group Service Desk to give the assurance that should you have any issues, help is at hand.

With this knowledge, experience and capability, we can advise and deliver on projects across the globe.

Our relationship with you starts with requirements capture to ensure we understand your precise needs.


Take a look at our different IoT technologies

OMNILED Smart Energy Platform for IoT

VIOTU Ltd is sole UK supplier of the OMNILED Smart Energy Platform for Internet of Things (IoT).

It turns renewable energy into smart lighting, surveillance and autonomous IoT services.

Find out more about its unique design, features and benefits by downloading the information sheet.

Occupancy Monitoring & Reporting

Occupacy monitoring can be done at various levels:

• Desk level
• Group of desks
• Area level (such as a lift lobby or reception)
• Room level
• Floor level
• Building level
• Door / Footfall monitoring

Indoor Navigation

Improve orientation inside your building with turn-by-turn navigation.

Navigate visitors to designated rooms and monitor their location in real-time.

Know location of people in the event of an emergency with room level accuracy.

Environmental Monitoring (Indoor & Outdoor)

This can vary depending on local requirements and legislation and can include:

• Temperature
• Humidity
• CO – Carbon Monoxide
• CO2 – Carbon Dioxide
• NO2 – Nitrogen Oxide
• CH4 – Methane
• Radon
• Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds
• Particulate Matter (Dust), at various micron levels
• Light level, in lumens
• Noise, in decibels

VIOTU Cleaning Monitor

With access to real-time data of areas, VIOTU Cleaning Monitor can improve the programme of cleaning by looking at the use of the facilities over time.

Cleaning staff, with the help of simple emails and heatmaps, are kept informed about what needs to be cleaned.

VIOTU Cleaning Monitor works in buildings or remotely, e.g. a Local Authority uses VIOTU to monitor public toilets in a remote location.

VIOTU Trap Monitor (Rodent Pest Control)

With VIOTU Trap Monitor, you are notified both when the trap clicks and when the pests pay a visit without removing the bait.

The system monitors your rat depots and traps using two parts: a sensor and an IT system.

We place a sensor on each depot – or on each trap. The sensor then notifies you when there is activity in the depot or the trap has been closed.

VIOTU Fridge Monitor

Hospitals, pharmacies, doctors surgeries and care homes have medicines that must be stored within a specific temperature range.

VIOTU Fridge Monitor is an IOT temperature and motion sensor that transmits data from your fridges to the VIOTU Cloud Platform, where you can view current and historic data.

Alerts are sent by e-mail and by SMS to notify managers if there is a temperature exception event.

VIOTU MotionSense

Detect movement, count proximal footfall and generate alerts to improve security, manage visitor numbers, optimise servicing intervals or monitor utilisation levels around your sites or assets.

VIOTU LevelSense

Monitor fill-level and dynamic status of your remote tank, bin or other container assets in real-time for improved service management outcomes.

VIOTU StatusSense

Identify the location and the operating condition of your mobile assets in real time to optimise asset deployment and utilisation, as well as service interval management.

Additionally, remote monitoring and control for pumps, meters and industrial sensors.

Monitor a range of different types of inputs from remote operational devices such as pumps, flowmeters and sensors and provide real-time reporting and alerts.


We use our own data management and dashboard reporting platform which can be customised with your company branding. We can integrate data with your existing Building Management System or other software and link to Power BI or similar dashboards as required.

Your data will be stored securely in our Cloud Platform. From here we can:

• Add, remove and manage devices
• Add, remove and manage users
• Configure locations, buildings, offices and spaces
• Create and deliver reports
• Provide historic audit trail of data
• Create alerts, triggers and notifications