VIOTU is the specialist Internet of Things (IoT) division of NVT Group.

As an NVT Group Company, VIOTU has the capacity to deliver IoT monitoring and reporting solutions on a large scale.  Each project can demand a specific solution and we therefore work with several partners to provide the best fit for each customer.

Our solutions include sensors and gateways using Cellular, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, LoRa and Wi-Fi sensors on any network – LoRaWAN, Sigfox and Cellular.

They enable process efficiencies and safety improvements in areas such as fire door closure checking, workstation occupancy, water-flow monitoring, predicting mould growth and alerting to air quality contaminants.

We are also the sole UK supplier of OMNILED, the Smart Energy Platform for Internet of Things.  Plus we provide air destratification solutions that can enable significant heating cost reductions.

Our relationship with you starts by capturing your requirements to make sure that we understand your precise needs.

All of our work is supported by a team of engineers and the NVT Group Service Desk to give the assurance that, should you have any issues, help is at hand.

With this knowledge, experience and capability, we can advise and deliver on projects across the globe.


Take a look at our different IoT technologies

OMNILED Smart Energy Platform for IoT

VIOTU Ltd is sole UK supplier of the OMNILED Smart Energy Platform for Internet of Things (IoT).

It turns renewable energy into smart lighting, surveillance and autonomous IoT services.

Find out more about its unique design, features and benefits by downloading the information sheet.

Destratification Solution

In buildings taller than 4m, different temperature layers or ‘strata’ are formed.  This causes HVAC systems to over-deliver on heating and/or cooling, which leads to increased costs.

VIOTU can supply a destratfication fan solution, which can help achieve 20% – 50% energy savings.

Indoor Temperature & Humidity Sensors

The OccupAir sensor from VIOTU delivers real-time data on indoor air quality in residences and workplaces.

Plus, with the added ‘Days to Mould’ module, you can see which places have a low and a high chance of mould outbreaks.

Automatic Water Movement & Temperature Sensors

Our water movement and temperature recording sensors can help with your building’s Legionella compliance.

This is because Legionella propagates far less easily in running water, or in temperatures between 20 and 40 degrees centigrade.

Our sensors generate required reports and provides a data audit trail for when manual flushing was last undertaken.

Fire Door Sensors

Our Fire Door sensors enable your fire safety inspector to record safety information for each fire door in a building, using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

This helps reduce inspection times, eliminates paperwork and makes fire door safety checking much more efficient.

You can access data for any door at any time, for an accurate real-time view of fire door safety.

VIOTU Cleaning Monitor

With access to real-time data of areas, VIOTU Cleaning Monitor can improve the programme of cleaning by looking at the use of the facilities over time.

Cleaning staff, with the help of simple emails and heatmaps, are kept informed about what needs to be cleaned.

VIOTU Cleaning Monitor works in buildings or remotely, e.g. a Local Authority uses VIOTU to monitor public toilets in a remote location.

Occupancy Monitoring & Reporting

Occupacy monitoring can be done at various levels:

• Desk level
• Group of desks
• Area level (such as a lift lobby or reception)
• Room level
• Floor level
• Building level
• Door / Footfall monitoring

Environmental Monitoring (Indoor & Outdoor)

This can vary depending on local requirements and legislation and can include:

• Temperature
• Humidity
• CO – Carbon Monoxide
• CO2 – Carbon Dioxide
• NO2 – Nitrogen Oxide
• CH4 – Methane
• Radon
• Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds
• Particulate Matter (Dust), at various micron levels
• Light level, in lumens
• Noise, in decibels