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What is Viia?

Viia has been designed by NVT Group technologists as a reliable, secure, affordable and scalable virtual technology infrastructure solution, which is provided as a service.

Viia offers you all the benefits of the cloud, including high performance computing and easier to manage costs, as well as unparalleled security and flexibility.

Viia is different to other clouds

Viia is hyper flexible and it integrates with any of your existing traditional and cloud infrastructure technologies. Regardless of whether you prefer a fully hosted or on-premise solution and irrespective of whether or not your business has made a move towards the cloud already, there is a Viia solution which will fit your business needs exactly.

Crucially, all Viia solutions include 24/7 support from NVT Group.

Viia features and benefits

Viia features consist of the following:

  • Compute and Storage
  • Highly available service
  • Microsoft licencing
  • Data protection
  • Cloud monitoring and platform support

Here is a summary of Viia’s benefits:

  • Viia’s architecture model is proven best practice for cloud, with an approach already adopted by big business, with demonstrable results.
  • Help desk support from NVT Group provided as standard
  • Reduced adoption costs, compared to other cloud computing solutions.
  • No costs for ingress or egress data.
  • Viia’s highly predictable service reduces risk and offers best value for money.
  • Viia’s exceptional flexibilty and scalability allows your business to make appropriate steps when migrating to the cloud, i.e. no more “all or nothing” scenarios.
  • Infrastructure wellness monitoring is provided by NVT Group’s exclusive Concepta technology. Don’t guess your IT infrastructure’s health – know.
  • Improve your GDPR compliance by best protecting your data and guaranteeing your data sovereignty, with Viia’s UK-based data centres.
  • Improve your overall business efficiency and, if you choose to, redesign your IT function so that your internal IT team is able to focus on application management, which will give your business competitive advantage.

Find out more

Click here to read and download an overview of the Viia Solution. (PDF)