A recent study by a technology partner has revealed that more than half (53%) of businesses consider data protection to be critical to their future success and yet a massive 78% of them are not confident they could retrieve all of their data after a catastrophic loss.

NVT Group can help you avoid such a scenario by providing a robust data management solution which is designed to maximise the availability of your data and its security with resilient backup and archiving.  Our partnerships with several data management technology specialists ensures that we can provide an overall solution which is the absolute best fit for your objectives and your budget.

If you are unsure how robust your existing data protection and backup strategy is, we can perform a review which will uncover any weaknesses in the design and recommend solutions which will provide total peace of mind.  On the other hand, if you are simply finding the amount of data in your business is outgrowing your current architecture, we can help you to implement a solution which is scalable and designed to expand in line with your growth plans.

To arrange a review of your data management strategy, all you have to do is call 08453 893 300.