NVT Group Engineers taking support calls

When you work with NVT Group as your managed ICT service provider, you pass the responsibility for the smooth running of your company’s technology to our experts. In doing so, you become free to focus on your own area of expertise, i.e. delivering a first-class service to your clients, prospects and other stakeholders.

Our approach is to become your trusted ICT partner, working in conjunction with you to make sure that the technology you use in your business every day aligns with your business objectives and is reliable, cost effective, secure and scalable.

Consequently, it means your ICT network is kept working at its peak level of fitness, thereby minimising downtime, maximising productivity, facilitating efficient & flexible working practices and helping you to manage and reduce your expenditure.

As part of a Managed Services contract, we can provide:

  • Ongoing management and support of your ICT infrastructure, using a combination of remote and on-site monitoring and maintenance.
  • 24x7x365 service desk support.
  • Hardware support with guaranteed fix or replacement terms.
  • Third party management services, assuming full responsibility for their deliverables, thus giving you a single point of contact regarding ICT matters.
  • Systems integration – ensuring that the technology in your business works together effectively in line with your operational requirements.

Overall, we can provide you with the technology and services your business needs at a cost that reflects your current circumstances and adapt as you grow. This gives you access to technology used by big business, without the massive capital expenditure and people cost that typically accompany it.

Who we work with

We currently provide fully managed ICT services on behalf of public sector firms and private sector agencies throughout the UK. Some of the many clients we currently provide services to include engineering giant Clyde Blowers Capital and Chartered Accountants French Duncan.

Find out more

Contact us to find out more about how our managed ICT services will help you run a more efficient, productive and effective office environment while enabling you to focus on fulfilling customer needs.

Managed Telephony


Mobile communications is an increasingly vital element of how we all do business.  We can build a package which suits your company profile and budget, often complementing our solutions with excellent bundled packages.

When you engage with NVT Group as your managed telephony services provider, you are no longer forced to contact multiple suppliers for support. Instead, we provide you with a convenient, single point of contact.

Through our telephony partners, we can provide full telecoms packages, including land lines, mobiles, and calls. With this arrangement, we can help you to reduce your costs by consolidating your bills and helping you to take advantage of low or no cost communication methods.

Call us on 08453 893 300 to arrange a review of your existing set up and find out how you can start making savings.

Collaboration & Mobility


We can help you to adopt technologies which improve the efficiency and productivity of your people by empowering them to work flexibly, from any location and on any device. Indeed, when you appoint NVT Group to implement a flexible working strategy, working life becomes less about where you are and more about what you’re doing.

Flexible working also enables your people to balance the demands of work with other aspects of their lives and this, in turn, promotes employee loyalty and commitment. With a fully engaged workforce, it is easier to retain the talent you’ve spent time and money cultivating. It is also easier to recruit new talent, giving your business an advantage over competitors which don’t offer such flexible working arrangements.

Contact us to discover how our flexible working solutions will transform how you do business.