Viia is one step ahead of the game


Viia is an end-to-end, fully customisable, cloud solution which provides all the benefits of the cloud as well as ongoing technical support from NVT Group.  With traditional infrastructure comes traditional cost models and traditional vendor lock in.  When you want to upgrade, the increments and costs are dictated by the vendor – not your requirements.  Additionally, a huge percentage of technology spend is for maintenance programmes you rarely use. Viia is different.  It is built on industry standard hardware and Open Source software, so acquisition costs are lower than other cloud solutions on the market. In short, Viia offers you better outcomes at a lower cost and allows you to break free from traditional infrastructure.

A recent article by Datacenter Dynamics highlights the benefits of Hypercloud solutions like Viia and explains why they are the next phase in data centre evolution. The article written by Gaurav Yada explores the options we now have to digitally transform businesses for the better, and considers the benefits cloud computing and storage can hold for organisations.  Furthermore, it highlights the challenges that must be addressed when building next-generation data centres, many of which our Viia solution resolves.


Graham Stevenson, Marketing Manager, NVT Group