Welcoming Ross Lockerbie to NVT Group

NVT Group welcomes Ross to its Business Development Team

Bellshill based NVT Group is pleased to introduce Ross Lockerbie, who has joined the Group as Business Development Manager.

Ross joins NVT Group after having spent 13 years in the document management sector, where he successfully developed a strong network of customers across various verticals. Ross’ work focused on the development of document management strategies and consulting with customers on the security, compliance and accessibility of their physical records, as well as enhancing these strategies to incorporate their digital requirements.

“I’ve helped customers to adopt the same measures they have put in place for physical records towards their digital ones,” said Ross. “Businesses are changing mind set, not least as a result of Covid-19, and they’re moving to digital ways of working. By coming to NVT Group, I know that I have the best tools available to help my customers make that next step in their digital transformation journey.”

“I am excited to be able to offer platforms such as Viia. From a security and accessibility standpoint, customers can use Viia to back up their data to three different UK based data centres. Customers can also talk to me about Viia if they are looking to virtualise their technology infrastructure and are interested in either an on premise, fully hosted, or hybrid cloud computing solution.”

“Staying on the themes of security and accessibility, I can support customers with our Concepta solution which reports on the health status of their networks and I can also offer them our Aiir managed wi-fi services to help them stay connected.”

“And finally, in terms of compliance, I can make sure that customers are adhering to data protection guidelines, with the tremendous offerings and solutions from Blue Rock.”

Group Sales Director Dougie Weir said: “We are delighted to be able to welcome Ross to our growing Business Development team here at NVT Group at what is an important time in our company’s growth. Ross will be instrumental in driving opportunities, as we take our ‘Technology as a Service’ offerings to existing and new customers. We wish him the very best and hope he has a long and fulfilling career with us.”

How to contact Ross

Ross will be given a number of NVT Group customer accounts to manage and will be reaching out to his new contacts shortly.

However, if you would like to get in touch with Ross to talk about your IT and/or digital transformation projects, please e-mail rlockerbie@nvt.co.uk or feel free to call him on 07741 907012.