Special offer for existing NVT Group clients – Concepta Security Services

Concepta Security Services Free Trial

Don’t guess how secure your network is… KNOW.

Concepta Security Services is a new suite of cyber security solutions from NVT Group which, when applied synchronously, provide you with peace of mind regarding your IT infrastructure’s security status.

Now we are offering our existing clients the opportunity to try Concepta Security Services for one month, for free. The free trial version of Concepta Security Services includes:

  • Secure DNS – Access to Concepta secure domain name servers which provides classification and reporting for more than 30 million internet domains.
  • Authentication Logging – Forwards authentication events from your servers to Concepta’s big data platform for logging and analysis.
  • Vulnerability Scanning – Monthly vulnerability scanning and reporting for each of your servers with details on how to patch or protect them.
  • Managed Firewalls – Firewalls managed by our network security experts.
  • Intrusion Detection System – Detect and report on suspicious traffic traversing your internet connection.
  • Geo-IP Reporting – Monitors and reports on inbound and outbound access by country.

Set up your free one-month trial of Concepta Security Services

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