Welcome to the Viia Charity Cloud


Viia has been designed by NVT Group technologists as a reliable, secure, affordable and scalable cloud services platform. It provides you with the means to migrate to a cloud based ICT infrastructure without having to endure the challenges that are typically associated with it.

Viia provides everything you expect from cloud

Viia is similar to other cloud offerings, in that it provides all the benefits of cloud computing, including:

  • Better control of your costs by ensuring that you only pay for the IT resources you actually use
  • Future proofing your organisation with automatic system and software updates
  • Keeping your organisation more secure with an improved disaster recovery strategy

Viia also provides benefits you don’t normally expect from cloud

Viia is different to other clouds because it is built using Open Source software and industry standard hardware, which makes adoption costs more affordable than traditional cloud offerings. Further savings can be achieved when third sector organisations elect to share resources in the data centre.

The Viia platform is so flexible that it enables you to take appropriate steps to the cloud, at a pace which suits your organisation’s needs first and foremost, i.e. no more “do everything or nothing” scenarios. With Viia, you are in complete control.

To assist with GDPR compliance, Viia servers are based only in the UK, which means that your data is guaranteed to never leave the United Kingdom.

Viia also comes with full support from NVT Group, so you can be assured that your journey to the cloud – as well as your experience in the cloud – will be as trouble-free as possible.

The route to the cloud is challenging…

Typically, organisations are faced with multiple challenges when they migrate to the cloud, including:

  • Choosing the best cloud solution for their needs
  • Determining accurate costs
  • Adopting an effective migration strategy
  • Updating company processes
  • Redefining security needs
  • Connecting legacy systems
  • Protecting their data

…which makes Viia the best ‘way to go’ there

Viia aims to overcome such challenges by providing an effective pathway to the cloud.

Viia integrates easily with any existing cloud technologies (e.g. vmware or Microsoft’s Hyper-V) your organisation may already have adopted. Viia also integrates with all major public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, as well as your on-premise technologies.

Why Viia is the best cloud solution for the third sector

Viia provides the right combination of on-premise and in-cloud infrastructure to meet your requirements and adapts the balance as your needs and preferences change. Viia is a multi-service solution that delivers advanced storage, compute, networking and security features in a unified platform with full support from NVT Group.

Viia simplifies the journey to and in the cloud for third sector organisations, reducing cost and complexity while delivering secure, flexible and robust ICT services.


  • Reduced adoption costs, compared to other cloud offerings on the market
  • Share resources in the data centre with other charitable organisations to reduce costs even further
  • Viia’s flexibility and scalability allows your organisation to take appropriate steps when migrating to the cloud
  • No costs for ingress or egress data, guaranteed
  • Improve your GDPR compliance by best protecting your data and guaranteeing its sovereignty, with Viia’s UK based data centres
  • Viia’s highly predictable service reduces risk and offers best value for money
  • Support from NVT Group comes as standard
  • Network wellness monitoring is provided by our exclusive Concepta technology

Lets work together in the third sector

Download our solutions overview for the third sector, which provides detail on Viia, as well as our Aiir connectivity solutions, our exclusive Concepta network monitoring technology and our Blue Rock Cyber Defence services.