Introducing Concepta Security Services

Concepta Security Services

The threat of cyber crime is getting more and more serious…

The IT threat landscape is ever changing and expanding. Existing threats such as ransomware and crypto attacks continue to affect organisations’ networks and digital assets, whilst newer and even more lucrative cyber crimes, such as form jacking (which steals user data) and targeted attacks (which divert funds from supply chain transactions) increase at a vast rate.

The typical infrastructure is becoming more diverse with most organisations employing a hybrid environment of on-premise and cloud infrastructure covering multiple operating systems and an extensive array of applications. This exposes more points of entry for cyber-attacks, which we refer to as ‘Attack Surface Area’.

To address these threats, organisations require increased protection, improved detection and effective response if an attack does compromise one or more systems. Cyber-security provisions also need to keep pace with the ever changing threat landscape.

Introducing Concepta Security Services

Concepta Security Services is our range of managed service offerings that protect your company’s digital assets, negating the need to fund your own specialist cyber security department. Concepta delivers Security as a Service incorporating advanced monitoring, deep analytics, machine learning and automated response. We will identify threats and issues that need to be remediated and work with your IT team to resolve them.

Here is why you should consider Concepta Security Services, from NVT Group

Managed Security Services
Acceptable risk is a business decision. Concepta Security Services is available in 3 levels to match your required protection. It couldn’t be easier, simply select your preferred level of protection between Essentials, Advanced and Complete and we do the rest. Expertise in cyber security is not required.

Predictable Pricing
All pricing is per user, per month. Cost increases and decreases only with the size of your organisation. Your costs are also fixed for the life of your subscription. We won’t increase your per user cost even if new features are added.

Concepta Data Consolidation
All the relevant data is sent to the Concepta data analytics and visualization system allowing you to observe all of your security posture information in one place on an easy to understand set of dashboards.

Reduce Attack Surface Area
Concepta Security Services utilises a number of different systems and processes to reduce the available avenues of attack. Details of these features are provided below.

Concepta Security Appliance
We deploy a Concepta Security Appliance to each site containing IT infrastructure to perform vulnerability scans and gather security logs. The appliance is available as a physical machine or virtual image for all major hypervisors and containers.

Cloud Compatible
Concepta Security Services provides the same level of protection across your on-premise infrastructure and all major cloud infrastructures.

Concepta Security Services Essentials

The Concepta Security Services Essentials package includes:

Secure DNS

    Most outbound internet connections begin with a name to IP address lookup using DNS (Domain Name System). The Concepta Security Appliance provides a secure DNS server, blocking access to malicious websites and content. The appliance automatically updates its blacklist daily so your protection stays up to date. A common example of the type of attack this protects against is a malicious link contained in a phishing email tempting users to download various malware such as crypto software.

Authentication Logging (Active Directory)
If your systems are compromised, authentication logs are the best method of detection and tracking the intrusion. The Concepta Security Appliance gathers all the relevant security logs from your Domain Controllers for analysis. We will also look for abnormal behaviour. If a privileged account is accessed at an unusual hour we will raise an alert to let you know.

Server Vulnerability Scanning
You’ve patched everything, but have you missed something? The Concepta Security Appliance performs scheduled scans on your network and catalogues your vulnerabilities, provides details of the severity, offers relevant knowledge articles and most importantly, tells you what you need to do to fix the exposure.

Concepta Security Services Advanced

The Concepta Security Services Advanced package adds rigorous controls and insight to the perimeter of your network. It includes all Essentials features and adds:

Managed Firewalls
We will supply, configure and install a robust security firewall which will actively protect your network from malicious cyber activity. Your network specialists will regularly check usage against the configured rules to ensure that firewalls are as restricted as possible without reducing your IT users’ productivity.

If you are operating infrastructure in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform we will also protect them with the same technology and policies.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
Traffic passing through the firewalls is continually checked against a database of known malicious signatures. The system can be configured to alert and/or block the traffic. The policy can be weighted towards allowing connectivity or higher security based on your chosen risk profile.

Geographic Firewalling
You’ll likely have access to one or more line of business applications remotely. Most of the time this will be accessed from your home country. We will use geographic rules to limit access to these critical systems to the necessary countries or continents, as well as block access from malicious sources such as the dark web. This greatly reduces the surface area that attackers can use to compromise your systems. If you’re using Microsoft Office 365, we will also help you mirror the same Geographic Policies in Office 365’s Conditional Access system.

Concepta Security Services Complete

The Concepta Security Services Complete package extends a high level of protection in to your internal network. It is suited to environments that host sensitive or valuable data or where physically securing you network is difficult. Complete offers all of the features of Essentials and Advanced, with the addition of:

Network Access Control
When devices connect to your network, the Network Access Control (NAC) system checks that it is a known and authorised device before allowing it access to corporate resources. As an added benefit you can choose to enable segregated guest access for visitors.

Endpoint Posture Analysis
Endpoint Posture Analysis ensures that all client devices are fit for connection by checking that security updates are applied and antivirus definitions are up to date. If a device doesn’t meet the criteria it is moved to a special quarantine area for remediation before being readmitted to the network.

Firewalling for Internal Security Zones
Firewalls are used to create multiple security zones. If an internal resource is compromised by an attacker, this limits their ability to spread an attack between zones in the network.

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