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Don’t guess how secure your network is… KNOW.

Cyber attacks can disrupt and cause considerable financial and reputational damage to even the most resilient organisations. If you suffer a cyber attack, you stand to lose assets, reputation and business, and potentially face regulatory fines and litigation – as well as the costs of remediation.

Concepta Security Services are a suite of cyber security solutions which, when applied synchronously, provide you with peace of mind regarding your IT infrastructure’s security status. Concepta Security Services monitors key systems and provides real time actionable alerts.

With Concepta Security Services, you can choose from thee levels of protection, ESSENTIALS, ADVANCED & COMPLETE.

Concepta Security Services Essentials

The Concepta Security Services Essentials package includes:

  • Secure DNS – Access to Concepta secure domain name servers which provides classification and blocking for more than 30 million internet domains.
  • Authentication Logging – Forwards authentication events from your servers to Concepta’s big data platform for logging and analysis.
  • Vulnerability Scanning – Monthly vulnerability scanning and reporting for each of your servers with details on how to patch or protect them.

Concepta Security Services Advanced

The Concepta Security Services Advanced package builds on the Essentials offering by adding more thorough protection for your perimeter.

All the features of the Essentials package PLUS

  • Managed Firewalls – Firewalls managed by our network security experts.
  • Intrusion Detection System – Detect and report on suspicious traffic traversing your internet connection. The system can optionally be setup to automatically block the offending clients or servers.
  • Geo-IP Blocking – Ability to add advanced firewall rules to restrict inbound and outbound access by country. In addition the system also blocks access to internet proxies, dark web exit nodes and poor reputation IP addresses, these are the sources that many malicious attacks originate from.

Concepta Security Services Complete

The Concepta Security Services Complete package extends protection to your internal network, to defend against internal threats.

All the features of the Advanced package PLUS

  • Network Access Control – Ensures network devices are authenticated as they connect to the network, with differentiated access for guests and staff personal devices.
  • Posture Analysis – Automatically scans devices as they connect to the network to ensure anti-virus and important operating system updates are installed. Non-compliant systems are moved in to quarantine for remediation.
  • Security Zones – Additional protection for your priority defended assets by segregating the network and providing firewalling for systems with important or sensitive data.

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