GDPR: Delete your unwanted data for good

Data Eradicator

Data Eradicator makes sure your data is completely removed from your servers.

Your data protection and back up strategy likely means your data records are being duplicated and stored away multiple times. Obviously, this is great news if you ever need to recover your data.

But now that GDPR legislation is in place, how does this affect the data records that you are legally obligated to dispose of?

When a customer exercises their “right to be forgotten” and asks you to remove their data from your servers, it is easy to overlook your back up environment. The problem is made worse by how difficult it can be to locate the individual records which need to be deleted. Until you remove all traces of this data, you remain GDPR non-compliant and are potentially liable to fines levied by the ICO in the event of a data breach.

NVT Group’s Data Eradictor service tracks down your duplicated data records so that they can be removed from your servers once and for all, giving you complete peace of mind that they won’t come back to haunt you.

Download the Data Eradicator Solution Overview (PDF)

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