What technology supported Glasgow 2018?

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NVT Group was the Official Networks and Network Integration Services Supporter of the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

To support the Glasgow 2018 European Championships, we provided telecommunications services, internet access, broadcast connectivity and network integration to competition and non-competition venues in and around Glasgow.

Working across the six sports hosted in Scotland, NVT Group co-ordinated the delivery of technology services and oversaw network design, architecture and information security to ensure a successful Championships.

NVT Group’s engagement at Glasgow 2018 came after successful engagements at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the Baku 2015 European Games.

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What technologies did we deploy at Glasgow 2018?

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At the foundation of our engagement was our Viia cloud IT infrastructure solution.  Find out more about the benefits of Viia here. For the Glasgow 2018 engagement in particular, Viia was deployed as an on-premise solution – with each venue being supported by a Viia on-site appliance – offering cost effectiveness along with high performance, efficiency and security.

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All of Glasgow 2018’s connectivity requirements were supported by our Aiir Networks wireless connectivity services.  Aiir Networks specialises in providing wireless connectivity to traditionally hard to reach locations.  That is why the connectivity requirements of even the most rural of Glasgow 2018 venues will be supported by Aiir Networks, making sure that the European Championships will be a multi-sport event that people will remember favourably for years to come.

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Concepta is the unique and exclusive IT infrastructure monitoring and reporting solution which helped our team in the Technology Operations Centre to know exactly where to direct our support services most effectively throughout the Championships.  Behind the scenes, Concepta was monitoring key systems across all supported venues and displaying the health of the technology in those venues with a Red-Amber-Green alert system.  This gave our support crews inside venues real time information so that they could pinpoint problems and fix them swiftly, before they began to affect the performance of the network.

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