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According to the recent survey carried out by Ipsos Mori for the Law Society of Scotland, just 42% of lawyers believed that maintaining cyber security was a key issue. While we know a majority of lawyers are taking steps to protect themselves online, at NVT Group we are still worried that 35% of those who had experienced a cyber security issue did not report it. This means Scottish law firms could be particularly vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks in the future – and that means your sensitive legal matters and data could be at significant risk of a breach.

The growing certainty of cyber crime
What is certain about cyber crime is that the criminals keep on getting smarter and their attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. These criminals are constantly on the lookout for ways in which to exploit weaknesses in security systems for their own gain. With this increase in activity and the growing sophistication of attack patterns, your chances of a breach are higher than ever.

Arrange a review of your firm’s cyber security strategy and ensure you have the best protection in place for your firm!
AT NVT Group, our portfolio of security services – from network monitoring and health reporting solutions through to Intelligent Endpoint Security measures such as resilient firewall and virus protection solutions – will make sure that your firm is best placed to stay one step ahead of cyber crime.

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