Webroot Security Awareness Training

Improve Cyber Resilience to Minimise Security Incidents and Unforeseen Costs

No matter how large or small your business is, it’s a target for cybercriminals.

That’s because it only takes a single unwitting click on a phishing link to grant criminals access to everything on your network. It’s also why security awareness training and phishing simulations are essential for businesses who want to transform end users from the weakest link in the security chain, into a truly resilient first line of cyber defence.

The bottom line is that end users need regular and consistent cyber-awareness education. With regular training, businesses can empower end users to identify and report scams, avoid risks, fulfil regulatory compliance requirements, and help prevent modern cyberattacks.

How Webroot Security Awareness works

Webroot Security Awareness provides the continuous, relevant and measurable testing and education you need to minimise risky user behaviour and therefore minimise security incidents and achieve cyber resilience.

It is a fully cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. Admins can manage training and phishing simulations via the Webroot console, making it easy to initiate and to administer.

Using the simple five-step setup wizard, it’s quick and easy to create phishing simulations and compliance and training campaigns. In just a few minutes, you can name a campaign, choose the desired recipients, create or select a training e-mail template, choose the training module… and launch.

The unlimited phishing simulator provides an ever-expanding, topical phishing template library that is regionalised for efficacy and relevance, while randomisation ensures realistic engagement and phishing scenarios.

The Benefits

Consistent, measurable improvements in end user click-through rates in phishing simulations.

Gain a better understanding how prone your business is to phishing attacks.

Engaging, interactive cyber security training for your people, which holds their attention and achieves lasting results

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