Why choose NVT Group as your Managed IT Services Partner

We previously told you some of the benefits of engaging with a Managed IT Services provider.

Today we are happy to give you some of the reasons why you should choose NVT Group to be that provider. Take a look at the infographic below…

If you’re looking for capability, look no further than NVT

They say we all learn best by doing

At NVT Group, we’ve been around the block a few times. In fact, our experience goes back more than three decades.

During that time we’ve provided IT services to literally hundreds of clients, across multiple sectors, throughout the UK and abroad.

We’ve answered thousands of support calls. We’ve taken numerous businesses to the cloud. We’ve protected business from countless cyber attacks. We’ve designed the technology that helped stage six sporting events watched by the world (and we’re already working on the next one).

We’ve even hosted royalty. (Yes, really!)

If you’re looking for innovation, look no further than NVT

Technology innovation underpins everything we do

At NVT Group, we’ve deployed a suite of exclusive technology services that bring unique benefits to our clients, from proactive system monitoring, through to our multi-faced approach to cyber defence, as well as cloud computing services and more.

It’s also why we have built relationships with multiple vendors providing new and emerging technologies.

In addition to names like Microsoft and Google, you can talk to us about solutions from partners such as Darktrace, BlastWave, UIPath, Veeam, Pure, Kemp, Quest, Datacore, Iomart, Sophos, PaloAlto & more!

If you’re looking for a little bit more, look no further than NVT

Any provider can do IT support, but none do it the NVT way

Our ‘user-first’ approach means we do things in a way which considers your needs first, with all other factors secondary.

In every Managed Service engagement, we provide a dedicated team to attend to your support requirements. It makes it easy to build rapport and trust. It’s “a team which you know and which knows you”!

It’s that extra attention to detail that we apply, across the board.

It’s going the extra mile to accommodate your special requests, whenever you need us to.

It’s how responsive we are and how we use out of the box thinking to help overcome unique challenges, thus bringing positive change.

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