It’s Gold for NVT at Glasgow 2018

NVT Group is proud to have played a pivotal role in the delivery of the Glasgow 2018 European Championships, by providing a host of network design, consultancy and connectivity services. As the official Networks and Network Integration Services Supporter, around 40 NVT team members were involved in helping to successfully deliver the technology required for the inaugural multi-sport event. View our gallery here.

Working across the six sports hosted in Scotland, we co-ordinated the delivery of technology services and were responsible for overseeing network design, architecture and information security services.

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The story of our engagement at Glasgow 2018 begins more than four years ago when NVT Group won the contract to become the Official Technology Services Integrator for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Our wholly successful engagement at Glasgow 2014 – which saw us achieve a 100% uptime and zero failures performance record – can be characterised by our strengths which remain integral to our sport engagements today.

Our success at both Glasgow 2014 and Glasgow 2018 was achieved through our can-do culture combined with the deployment of our innovative technology solutions, such as Aiir Networks Intelligent Connectivity solutions and the Concepta infrastructure wellness monitoring solution.

These technologies may have been created for Glasgow 2014 specifically, but it is a testament to those solutions – and to new innovations such as our Viia cloud infrastructure solution – that we have since been able to apply them across other sporting and business environments. It is especially gratifying that we have now come full circle and that these solutions became the cornerstones of our engagement at the inaugural European Championships in Glasgow. Read more about these technologies below.

Viia – The beating heart of Glasgow 2018

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At the heart of our engagement at Glasgow 2018 was our Viia cloud infrastructure solution. Viia provided Glasgow 2018 with all the benefits of cloud, with reduced adoption costs, extra flexibility and added peace of mind, when compared to other cloud offerings. For Glasgow 2018, an extra level of confidence was achieved through Viia being deployed as an on-premise solution – with each venue being supported by a Viia on-site appliance, tightly integrated with our cloud data centres for resilience and capacity. Viia offered cost-effectiveness, along with high performance, efficiency and security for Glasgow 2018.

Viia is hyper flexible and integrates with any of your existing traditional and cloud infrastructure technologies. Regardless of whether you prefer a fully hosted or on-premise solution and irrespective of whether or not your business has made a move towards the cloud already, there is a Viia solution which will fit your business needs exactly.


Aiir – Kept Glasgow 2018 connected

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All of Glasgow 2018’s connectivity requirements were supported by our Aiir Networks intelligent connectivity services. Aiir Networks specialises in providing wireless connectivity to traditionally hard to reach locations. That is why the connectivity requirements of even the most rural of Glasgow 2018’s venues (such as Loch Lomond and Cathkin Braes) were managed by Aiir Networks technology. Aiir Networks Network Admission Control and Automated Deployed solutions ensured that networks could be rapidly and consistently deployed in very short timescales within venues (complete LAN and WLAN deployment within a day) and access for diverse client groups and mission critical services completely secured. Networks delivering over 4600 LAN ports and 150 Wireless Access Points, supporting 6500 devices over 14 venues were fully implemented and operational in less than 2 weeks.

Our technical teams were also in place inside each venue to make sure that support was deployed quickly, which helped to ensure that crucial connectivity services were continually maintained.

Aiir can be adaptable to businesses of every size and industry, even in the most rural locations, making it the perfect connectivity solution for your business.


Concepta – Told us exactly where we needed to deploy support

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Concepta is the unique IT infrastructure monitoring and reporting solution, which helped our team in the Technology Operations Centre to know exactly where to direct our support services most effectively. Behind the scenes, Concepta technology monitored key systems across all supported venues and displayed the health of those venues with a Red – Amber – Green alert system. This gave our support crews inside venues real-time information so that they could pinpoint problems and fix them swiftly before they began to affect the performance of the network. Concepta is driven by context, meaning that status is relative to priority, time and purpose and, importantly, distracting background noise from traditional monitoring systems is suppressed. Concepta also performed network traffic analysis for Glasgow 2018, showing in real time, the balance and content of inbound and outbound traffic across all venues.

Concepta can be tailored exactly to your needs. Not only can the solution monitor all the systems that are in use in your organisation, we can also make sure the interface itself matches your company branding and aesthetics. All of this ensures that your Concepta solution feels completely intuitive and user-friendly.


NVT Group at Glasgow 2018 - Technology numbers & Responsibilities

The deployment of our innovative Viia, Aiir and Concepta solutions at Glasgow 2018, as well as our experience at the Baku 2015 1st European Games and Glasgow 2014, has positioned NVT as a leading technology solutions provider for not only major multi-sport events, but also for a range of SME’s, enterprise and public sector organisations.

To find out more about how our technologies can be applied to your business, get in touch here.

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