How can the leisure sector benefit from Omniflow Applications?

In an increasingly saturated market, the leisure sector is continuously looking to improve customer experiences and exceed expectations.  The ‘wow’ factor is more sought after than ever, with new technologies creating opportunities to truly impress customers.  Whether it be enhanced customer services, process improvements or immersive aesthetics, there is always a way to improve the overall customer experience.  With Omniflow OMNILED, this is now made easier than ever.

Omniflow OMNILED is an integrated smart energy platform for Internet of Things applications, powered by wind & solar, with built-in battery storage.  With OMNILED, multiple applications can be deployed from a single smart pole infrastructure.

But how exactly can the likes of leisure parks, caravan parks, zoos and safari parks make use of OMNILED’s applications?

Smart lighting

Lighting is a crucial aspect for all public spaces as it impacts visitor perception, enhances ones visual experience and is fundamental to personal safety during the hours of darkness.  Omniflow OMNILED shrouds come complete with LED bulbs that fill park areas with a wide radius of light.  For example, a single 8m pole can illuminate an area of up to 20m in diameter.

Energy saving is also high on the agenda, particularly within the leisure industry where facilities can span across very large acreages.  Smart technology is increasingly being adopted to provide more environmentally-friendly solutions.  OMNILED features motion sensor technologies, meaning bulbs dim or switch off completely when there is no requirement for them.  When motion is detected, OMNILED returns to full brightness, illuminating pathways for visitors and amplifying security measures in hidden areas.  This smart technology allows for optimal energy consumption, which can equate to major cost savings.

CCTV monitoring and facial recognition

Leisure park operators will aim to secure their facilities with the best possible equipment, with CCTV typically being the most common option.  However, not all CCTV systems are effective and they can have poor quality and restricted views.  Omniflow OMNILED, on the other hand, comes fitted with 360-degree cameras and can include video recording and facial recognition capabilities, offering an enhanced level security throughout a park environment.

Visiting leisure parks with children can be stressful for parents, as there is always a worry of the group becoming separated and individuals going missing.  OMNILED’s facial recognition capabilities can assist in finding anyone who is lost, making sure these unfortunate situations can be turned around quickly.

Facial and car registration number recognition capabilities can also enhance customer experiences by facilitating digital “ticketless” systems throughout a park environment, whether it is at the front gate, in parking areas, at the turnstiles, at entrances to attractions or anywhere else.  As well as reducing paper waste, it adds another level of efficiency and security to ticketing.

Wi-Fi hotspots

Omniflow OMNILED allows the leisure sector to provide their customers with access to fast and reliable wireless connectivity, which is a simple and effective way to increase customer satisfaction.

Indeed, a wi-fi connection is now a common expectation for customers visiting leisure attractions.  A leisure park could have everything it possibly needs for customers to have a great experience, but without a solid wi-fi connection, overall visitor experience could end up being tainted.  Why?  People enjoy posting photos and videos online and find comfort in staying connected to the digital world.  Organisations also benefit from the free publicity this provides, as visitors stay connected to their peers, thereby amplifying a park’s marketing reach beyond just those who visit.

The leisure sector can also use the connection to its advantage by pushing tailored communications directly to guests.  Many leisure parks have their own smartphone apps which customers can only connect to through the park’s wi-fi hotspots and receive promotional offers for an additional price.  In turn, this can help to drive the leisure park’s merchandise sales and enhance revenue streams.

Interactive displays

Digital interactive displays are now commonplace and are becoming increasingly favoured over traditional visual communication channels such as static displays.  Digital display technology can enhance a customer’s overall experience and help the efficiency of a leisure park’s daily operations.

A leisure park can use Omniflow OMNILED digital signage panels to convey important, real-time information to guests, such as attraction waiting times, promotions, weather forecasts, interactive site maps and security or emergency communications.

Interactive displays can also contribute to customer immersion in a park’s environment or theme.  In the case of a family visiting a leisure park, the OMNILED interactive displays can be appreciated from the get-go.  From greeting the party with a personalised welcome message, to wishing them a safe journey home upon their departure, the digital messages all play a part in improving the overall customer experience.

Omniflow OMNILED, deployed in your park with specific IoT applications, will enhance your guests’ experiences in multiple ways, from before they even reach the turnstiles or the check-in desk, throughout their whole stay, until the moment they leave.

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