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Combining contextual analytics with intuitive visual reporting

Powerful analytics in the back

Concepta technology analyses the data which is generated by system monitoring solutions and provides real time alerts on based on three key measurables, all of which can negatively affect your business operations. These are: Security (or Risk), Capacity and Performance.
The instant that Concepta detects a problem in any of these areas, it alerts you to the exact specifics of the issue in its exact location, using a Red-Amber-Green alert system, so that you can take appropriate action.

Context is everything

Effective wellness reporting is achieved by fully understanding context. That’s why Concepta considers the relationships between identity (who), device (what), location (where), time (when) and activity/behaviour (why) in any given circumstance.
Concepta can also integrate additional information such as production schedules, traffic information, shift rotas and more into the analytics, to make alerts more meaningful and to help you prioritise actions effectively.

Customised display in the front

We will create a Concepta solution that is the perfect fit for your organisation. It will include all of the monitored systems and locations across your business and will adhere to the contextual variables which are unique to your circumstances.
In addition, Concepta’s front-end display can also match your corporate branding and other company aesthetics. All of this will ensure that your Concepta solution is not only effective, but also feels completely intuitive and user-friendly.

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Here is a summary of Concepta’s benefits:

  • Real-time wellness monitoring and alerting provides valuable insight into your infrastructure’s health status. Don’t guess… know.
  • Contextual analysis means that alerts are more meaningful and support can be deployed in the most effective way.
  • Concepta presents the specific nature of the problem and its exact location on the network, saving time to reach a diagnosis and making sure that issues are corrected swiftly.
  • Concepta’s Red-Amber-Green warning system is easy to understand – Green icons mean “Service is Healthy”, whilst Amber icons mean “Service is At Risk” and Red icons mean “Service is Impacted”.
  • Concepta’s visuals can be bespoke tailored to suit your company branding which makes the interface feel completely user friendly.
  • Concepta can be deployed in both multiple and single location environments.
  • Concepta delivers real time, contextual and highly visual data and analytics, which allows you to make better support decisions, more quickly, more often.
  • Concepta helps you to improve the service you provide, reduce risk and save money.


Overview of the Concepta Solution



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