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Viia is different to other clouds

Transparent economics

Viia is provided as a managed service and offers all the cost benefits you would expect from cloud computing, including moving to an OpEx financial model where you 'pay as you go' and 'scale as you grow'.
With Viia you can add extra compute, networking and storage when you need to, plus you can scale down as well as up, so you never end up paying for resources you don't need.
Unlike some other clouds, you can move your data into and out of the Viia cloud without any financial penalties.

Hyper flexibility

Viia offers you maximum choice to create an infrastructure solution which suits your needs first and foremost.
Viia integrates easily with all major public cloud platforms, as well as your on-premise hypervisor technologies.
Viia offers you the right combination of on-premise and in-cloud infrastructure and adapts the balance as your requirements dictate.

First-class support

Crucially, all Viia solutions include full support from NVT Group as standard.
Also, Viia includes proactive monitoring using our exclusive Concepta technology.
No matter how you choose to configure Viia, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Viia features

Compute, Networking and Storage

Highly available service

Microsoft licensing

Data protection

Cloud monitoring and platform support


Here is a summary of Viia’s benefits:

  • Viia is our cloud platform which gives you the flexibility to create an ICT infrastructure solution which fulfils your specific ICT needs.
  • Our cost model is transparent and offers great value, plus there are no costs for ingress or egress data so you have freedom to move workloads into and out of the Viia cloud without financial penalty.
  • Viia’s highly predictable service reduces risk and offers best value for money.
  • Viia’s exceptional flexibilty and scalability allows your business to make appropriate steps when migrating to the cloud. That means you complete the journey at your own pace and without any unnecessary delay.
  • Full support from NVT Group comes as standard.
  • Infrastructure wellness monitoring is provided by NVT Group’s exclusive Concepta technology. Don’t guess your IT infrastructure’s health – know.
  • Improve your GDPR compliance by best protecting your data and guaranteeing your data sovereignty, with Viia’s UK-based data centres.
  • Take advantage of Viia as your preferred back up solution, as an object storage solution for your existing back up environment or as a secure data sharing platform.


Overview of the Viia Solution



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