You’re ready to go back to the office, but what about your IT?

More than a year after we all went into lockdown, the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination programme is continuing at a pace and it is likely that your business is considering a return to shared workspaces soon.

If you have been planning a return to office working for a while, chances are you have already completed the tasks required to make your premises as safe as possible for employees and visitors. However, something you may not have considered is whether your on-premise IT systems are ready for your arrival.

In truth, after a year of inactivity, your IT systems will likely need a bit of a tune up. There could be issues with your office wi-fi, for instance. Your end users will more than likely encounter password problems. Perhaps there could be difficulties with servers, switches or firewalls.

In any case, a problem that causes your team to ask for IT support is one which is also delaying your return to efficient office operations.

An extra pair of hands to assist with your transition back to the office

At NVT Group, we are here to provide whatever additional IT support it is you need to facilitate your return to office working.  We take a consultative approach to designing a support package which is right for you, based on your unique requirements.

To talk to us about your IT support needs, either send an e-mail to, or simply use the reply form at the bottom of this page.

Are you an existing NVT Group Managed Service client?

If you are an existing NVT Group client, we can also offer enhanced SLA response times during these most crucial return to office periods and we will work with you to plan your back to the office IT strategy.

Click here to send an e-mail to Gary Bain, Business Improvement Manager to talk to us about this.

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