IT’s time for a more managed approach to IT

If you’re looking for a new approach to IT, you should consider outsourcing the responsibility for the planning, support and upkeep of your technology systems to NVT Group.

Take a look at the infographic below, which summarises some of the benefits of taking a managed services approach to IT.


Give you access to a highly skilled team of IT experts

When you engage with NVT Group as your IT services provider, you’re gaining access to the expertise of our whole team of systems engineers and senior technologists.  At NVT Group, we have been in business for over 30 years and we have knowledge and experience across areas such as virtual infrastructure, systems integration, cloud computing, cyber security, backup & storage, telecommunications, connectivity, Internet of Things and much more.

Save you time and let you focus on growing your business

One of the benefits of outsourcing any business function is that you’re able to focus on your own areas of expertise, without the distraction of everything else needed to keep your business running effectively.  With an undisturbed focus on what makes you great, your business is able to strive forward without restriction.

Allow you to manage IT costs and plan ahead to avoid unexpected expenses

With a managed services approach, you can plan your IT expenditure easily.  Management fees are agreed in advance and are paid monthly, with SLAs also agreed in advance so you know exactly what you’re getting.  We can also work with you to plan future expenditure and, if you opt for a virtual infrastructure solution at your next infrastructure refresh, you can benefit further by shifting from a CapEx cost model to a “pay as you go and scale as you grow” approach.

Help you keep on top of security and stay protected against cyber-crime

Cyber attacks keep getting more sophisticated and your response to mitigating threats needs to be multi-faceted.  Taking a holistic managed approach means you tackle the problem most effectively.  At NVT Group, we can manage your cyber security stance proactively, including real-time monitoring and alerting, as well as provide other services which educate your employees about the dangers so they become active in the strategy.

Allow you to benefit from our relationships with major vendors and achieve economies of scale

We take a vendor neutral approach to IT.  This means, instead of having a vested interest in specific solutions from preferred vendors, we are able to recommend the technologies which best suit your specific needs first and foremost.  Whether it’s public cloud, virtualisation, storage, backup, telecoms, security or connectivity, we have relationships with all major vendors, which also allows us to achieve economy of scale savings, which can be passed to the client.

Help with system monitoring and taking a pro-active approach to your IT strategy

Our approach to IT support is to be as proactive as possible with system monitoring and response automation, rather than adopting a traditional break-fix stance. Talk to us about our exclusive Concepta network wellness reporting technology, which monitors key systems in terms of their performance, capacity and security and provides real-time alerts so that we can deploy support swiftly and effectively.

Allow you to take advantage of the latest tech and IT developments, giving your business a competitive edge

If you’re partnering with a Managed IT Services provider, you will want to make sure that they are keeping a close eye on technology trends.  At NVT Group, rest assured we are fully invested in innovation and how future technology will help businesses to achieve their goals even more effectively.  Our Future Technology Group meets regularly to discuss technology trends, share insights and develop new products and services that bring unique benefits. This helps imbue innovation in everything we do, thus placing our recommendations at the cutting edge of technology.

Help you to reduce costs

Depending on individual circumstances, we can help businesses to save around 25% on their IT expenditure when they move to a fully outsourced NVT Group Managed Service. Talk to us about the different ways we can save you money in your IT outgoings.

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