Achieving an effective hybrid working strategy

COVID-19 has completely changed the ways we in which we live and work

Who could have predicted that working from home would become normality for so many of us? At NVT Group, we are proud to have played our part in that change, by implementing technologies that have allowed our clients to adapt to the challenges presented by the pandemic and maintain business productivity through it all.

Today it is likely that your business is planning a return to shared workspaces.  If you haven’t already made the move, that is.

Chances are your entire workforce won’t arrive at your premises all at once. Rather, health and safety protocols will likely see your employees return in phases, with a mix of home-working and office-working being maintained for some time.

For some businesses, the preferred approach will be to keep providing remote-working capabilities for any employees who prefer such arrangements, alongside on-premise facilities for those that are feeling nostalgic for working days spent away from home.

What do employees think?

According to research carried out by BCG, 67% of UK employees who have worked remotely since COVID-19 held the belief that a hybrid model of remote and in-workplace was best for them, with the model allowing for the benefits of working from home, plus “the human connection, in-person relationship building and increased visibility enjoyed in the workplace”.

The research also found that age also influenced employees’ preferred working model, with people aged between 18-24 being three to four times more likely to prefer a fully remote model than their colleagues aged 55 years or over.

What’s true is that no single approach will suit everyone, making a hybrid approach more appropriate than ever.

Achieving an effective hybrid working strategy

Taking a hybrid approach to working has implications for your IT systems, with your infrastructure needing to keep up with the needs of those working remotely AND those working on-premise.

At NVT Group, we are here to provide whatever additional technologies and associated support you need to facilitate your preferred strategy.  We take a consultative approach to designing technology solutions and services which are right for you, based on your unique requirements.

To talk to us about your hybrid working strategy and how technology can help you achieve your objectives effectively, either send an e-mail to, or simply use the reply form at the bottom of this page.