Your 2017 Technology Resolutions


Happy New Year! What would you like to change about the technology in your business in 2017?

A new year is an ideal opportunity to take a look at the IT in your business and make a firm commitment to achieving your technology goals in the next 12 months.  Whether you’re looking to connect your business to a superfast broadband service, reduce your IT spend, protect your data, secure your network, improve efficiency or migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, we have solutions which will help you achieve these goals successfully.

This is the year I will get connected, no matter where I am.

Take a look at our Aiir Networks website at, where you will find out about our superfast broadband connectivity solutions for communities and businesses, with applications for homes, commerce, agriculture and citizen engagement – even in traditionally hard to reach locations.

This is the year I will get ahead in the cloud.

The Viia cloud offers maximum flexibility with shared, private and hybrid on-site/off-site solutions to suit.  With a pay-as-you-go and scale-as-you-grow pricing model, the Viia cloud offers enterprise class cloud services at an affordable price.  More information at  Also, find out about our Viia shared cloud for charities at

This is the year I will reduce how much I spend on technology.

Talk to us to find out the different ways in which we can help you reduce your technology spend whilst benefiting from excellent quality IT services.  We bring you a range of services which can offer cost savings compared to what you are used to spending, whilst we offer new consumption models which ensure you don’t pay for resources you don’t need.

This is the year I will make sure my network is best protected.

As cyber-crime is expected to rise considerably throughout 2017, now is the time to take complete control and ensure that you have resilient network monitoring, reporting and security solutions in place to protect your network and your sensitive data along with it.  As part of the solution, find out more about Concepta, our contextual network monitoring and reporting tool which is unique to NVT Group.

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Tell us what your IT goals are and we will be delighted to discuss with you how we can help you reach those goals in 2017.  Use the enquiry form below and someone will be in touch as quickly as possible.