NVT Group is a proud funder of the Keep Scotland Beautiful Upstream Battle Campaign

NVT Group are delighted to be funders of the Keep Scotland Beautiful Upstream Battle campaign. During 14th – 20th September, their Action Week is taking place, with the aim of reducing the volume of marine litter in the River Clyde.

As part of our commitment to the Upstream Battle Campaign, we’re supporting Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Week of Action on Marine Litter, a push to everyone across the Clyde River catchment to understand the pathway of litter to the ocean, and to take action to prevent litter ending up in the sea.

80% of all marine litter comes from land, where litter is washed into gutters, blown into streams or discarded. This means that litter in our streets and parks is not only costly to clean up but is a threat to the marine environment.

With 12.7 tonnes of litter and plastic reaching our oceans each year, the solution is prevention. That’s why we’re joining the Upstream Battle campaign to remind everyone that we need to stop litter at source.

There are opportunities for individuals, community groups, schools and businesses to get involved, with activities including awareness raising, taking action by doing a litter survey and clean up or taking part in the Eco-Schools linked activities.

For more information about the Upstream Battle Campaign, you can visit here.

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