How OMNILED can enhance a family’s leisure park experience

We recently discussed how the leisure industry can use OMNILED, our smart energy platform for Internet of Things.  Indeed, an increasing number of leisure parks are embracing ‘SMART’ operations by introducing the likes of apps, wearable technology and artificial intelligence into their systems and processes.

But how can OMNILED enhance a trip to a leisure park from a visitor perspective?  From before your guests reach the turnstiles and until the moment they leave, OMNILED can enrich and personalise their entire experience.  To illustrate this, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario of how one family’s leisure park experience could be enhanced with OMNILED.  Without any further ado, let’s join the ‘Johnston family’ at the ‘SMART Park’…

Before setting off

Before making their trip, the Johnson family download the park’s SMART app to their mobile devices, with the promise of being able to enhance their experience before, during and after their visit.


After a safe car journey, the Johnsons arrive at the SMART Park’s parking lot.  As they approach the main gate, OMNILED cameras capture the Johnsons’ vehicle registration number.

Without prompting for a ticket or a booking reference, car park barriers open as the vehicle approaches and OMNILED digital signage greets the party with a personalised welcome message and informs them about the best spot to park & charge their electric vehicle at an OMNILED charging point.  Once connected to OMNILED’s integrated wi-fi connectivity network, the family are also immediately greeted through the park’s SMART app and a message is sent to the SMART Park’s hotel concierge staff, telling them that the Johnson family has arrived on property.

Checking in and getting in

At check-in, each member of the Johnson party is supplied with their SMART wristbands, which they opted to pre-purchase through the SMART Park mobile app.  When the bands are used in conjunction with the app, it provides a simple, interactive and secure way for the whole party to get the most out of their experiences in the park.  Unbeknownst to the Johnsons, OMNILED provides the connectivity infrastructure that the SMART bands require to work effectively.

With check-in complete, the Johnsons can enter the SMART Park and begin enjoying the attractions.  OMNILED’s facial recognition capabilities helps provide pain-free ticketless access through the park’s turnstiles.

The Johnsons know that the SMART Park also uses facial recognition to assist in finding anyone who is lost and this knowledge provides the Johnsons with some peace of mind.  Before doing anything else, however, the family agrees on a process that they will all follow should one member of the party become lost.  Thankfully, they don’t need to rely on it during this visit.

A world of information

Throughout their trip, the Johnsons take advantage of the SMART Park’s integrated communications system, which is facilitated by OMNILED’s connectivity services.  Personalised messages and promotional offers, are pushed to their mobile devices, whilst OMNILED’s digital signage provides relevant information to help with day planning, such as weather forecasts, attraction wait times, wayfinding, dining experiences and other special offers.  OMNILED’s wi-fi hotspots also allow the family to stay connected all day, enabling them to share photos online of the trip.

Preferred pass access

The Johnsons don’t need to worry about losing their preferred pass tickets since the SMART Park’s preferred pass system is also ticketless.  A combination of SMART app, wristband and OMNILED facial recognition technology ensures the integrity of the system and that the Johnsons can easily enjoy the extra benefits they have purchased.

Next level immersion and interactions

Throughout their day, the Johnsons are delighted with the staff interactions they experience in the park.  OMNILED helps to communicate the family’s names and a list of the attractions they have experienced to devices held by staff members, enabling staff to converse with the family in truly meaningful and personalised ways, adding a new dimension of interactivity to ‘meet and greet’ scenarios.

Lighting the way

At the end of the day, as the sun begins to set, OMNILED begins to provide light to the SMART Park.  Energy savings are achieved by having the LED bulbs dim when they are not required.  However, the bulbs illuminate again as the Johnson family walks towards OMNILED’s lighting columns, ensuring that everyone gets back to the hotel safely.

Our hypothetical family experience could become reality for your guests if you choose to install OMNILED.  Talk to us to find out which IOT applications are most appropriate in your park environment.

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