Support Automation

We are the only Managed Services Provider to use Concepta technology as an integral part of every Managed IT Support Service engagement.

Concepta provides us with an instantaneous view of the health of your IT infrastructure, enabling us to manage its performance effectively on your behalf.

Installation is easy. We deploy a Concepta mini-appliance in any location where physical infrastructure needs to be monitored.

Concepta then aggregates complex data from monitored ICT systems and applies powerful contextual analytics to uncover problems and vulnerabilities that could negatively affect your operations.

The status of your systems are communicated to our engineers and problem solvers through Concepta’s dashboards.

However, if Concepta uncovers an issue that needs urgent attention it will automatically raise a ticket within the ServiceNow incident management system and send notification to the Service Desk for its attention. This enables our teams to know straight away whether your business needs support and what action is required.

Ultimately, it allows us to make better support decisions, more quickly, more often. This helps reduce downtime, saves time spent reporting issues and improves the service you provide.

Find out how it all works below and then find out what we do to bring you on-board as an NVT Group client.

Here is how it all works

Active Real-time Monitoring

We proactively monitor key systems to check for irregularities.

These systems typically include infrastructure like your servers, switches, firewalls and logins.

Powerful Data Analytics

Concepta performs complex analyses on the data provided by monitoring technologies.

It immediately ascertains if there is a problem and assesses its severity (i.e. its propensity to cause operational disruption).

Issue Reported

If Concepta uncovers a problem, we know about it.  Our engineers are alerted to the issue via Concepta’s dashboards.

If the problem is urgent, Concepta goes one step further and directly asks for help.

Support Ticket Raised

Concepta sends a support request to ServiceNow for its attention.

It provides full information about the problem, so you don’t have to.

Service Desk Action

ServiceNow sends a request to the appropriate person on the NVT Group Service Desk for action.


Fix Performed

The Service Desk team fixes the problem, potentially before you even know about it.

We send you regular reports to let you know any issues we have fixed on your behalf, for your records.