Welcoming you as a client

Our strategy for onboarding pivots on us having a comprehensive understanding of your operational and business aspirations.

A comprehensive needs analysis help us design a user-first proposition that meets business need.

Our transition planning exercises help to mitigate risk and ensure an orderly onboarding.

Information sharing is done through a series of benchmarking and due diligence exercises.

Milestones are defined and agreed with you in advance.

We remain responsible for assessing and reporting on progress, for mobilising the resources required, maintaining action logs and preparing necessary change management processes and artefacts to implement a successful transition to NVT Group providing services.

Take a look at the process...

Perform Needs Analysis

We perform a thorough needs analysis, to make sure that we fully understand your technology environment and the IT challenges your business faces.

This helps us to design a Managed IT Service which is unique to you, with your requirements at the forefront.

Managed IT Services Proposal

We produce a full proposal for your perusal, making recommendations that are based on the needs analysis we performed for your business.

Solutions and associated costs are presented in an easy to understand format, so you can make a fully informed choice.


We know you won’t regret entrusting your business IT with us and we can’t wait to become your trusted IT partner.

If you’re ready to come on board as a client, all we need to do is to formally agree to work together. Then we can get IT all started!

Transition Planning

Once agreements have been reached, we produce a transition plan for your onboarding.

The plan ascertains the current position, quantifies any potential risks and creates actions to mitigate those risks as much as possible.

Due Diligence

As part of the onboarding and transition process, we undertake a series of benchmarking and due diligence exercises.

This includes consultative engagements with stakeholders, relevant third parties and executive management.


We take your people and other stakeholders through familiarisation exercises via technical workshops and information sharing sessions.

If there are any uncertainties, there will be plenty of opportunities to receive the needed clarity.

Web Portal Setup

We set up the ServiceNow web portal for your business, brand it appropriately and test it to ensure that it is working as it should.

We provide full details on how to get the best out of the system, giving information on how to raise tickets and how to access the service directory.

User Familiarisation

We introduce the team which will be providing services on the NVT Group Service Desk.

We also make sure that end-users have all the information they need to raise IT support tickets and that these methods are working correctly.

IT all starts here

Everything is now complete! On “go live” day, your users can start raising IT support tickets with the NVT Group Service Desk. Our engineers will be in touch to provide whatever support is necessary to deal with your IT issues.

It is our pleasure to serve you and thank you for being an NVT Group client!